Sunday, June 22, 2008

An Illustrative Surprise

We had a favorite date to Barnes & Noble today after going to the Snoozers Boozers and Losers mass at St. Ann's. Last night was kind of rough--we were both exhausted, but evidently Anja wasn't. She didn't go to bed until after 11:00 and she slept fitfully all night with her cold. I would rock her and nurse her about every hour and she slept better in her carseat than in her bed, I think because of her stuffy nose. But she's wearing a very cute dress today and we wanted to show her off, so we went for a family date. It was nice.

I like to read Mothering magazine on our dates. I never buy it because it's too expensive, but this time I did buy it--partly because I spilled coffee all over it, and partly because my brother had illustrated one of the articles!! It was an article on Homeschooling. In my own opinion, the article seemed pretty anti-dad/husband, which is something that really bugs me, but the illustrations were super fun. Martin says I have to remember that some husbands and dads are jerks and that whenever I see an example of someone being anti-husband I should feel sorry for them instead of getting mad. I said there are a lot of jerky moms in the world too, but the anti-husband thing seems more of a problem to me.

So I bought the magazine, also against my huge opposition to Ani DiFranco who is on the cover. Ugh, her music drives me up the wall. I know I shouldn't diss my fellow folkies, but I've never been able to stand her music.

You might think I seem to be in a pretty bad mood today. It's true. I am. The final straw was a few minutes before I started this post, when I was "cleaning out the fridge" (getting out the containers of leftovers and handing them to Martin to empty and wash) when I stood up and hit my head on the freezer door. GR! It still hurts, and that was like fifteen minutes ago.

We're taking a nap now. Goodnight.

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