Monday, June 23, 2008

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and THYYYYYYYME!!!

If anyone has seen The Muppets episode with Paul Simon, you might remember Miss Piggy singing the famous Scarborough Fair song and maybe you will chuckle to yourself. I know I'm chuckling to myself right now!

Mondays are grocery night so dinner is always unique. (Actually it's usually the same every Monday because at the end of the week I always seem to have the same stuff left.) Anyway, today we had pasta with chicken and peppers and tomatoes made with thyme from my garden! My herbs seem to be doing a lot better than my vegetables are doing. Although the beans were pretty great... I'm excited for a few of the cherry tomato plants though because there are a number of very full vines on a few. I am already starting to plan out my garden/yard for next summer, and I think I will have an Herb Box, which will be the wooden box that right now has some various flowers and my thyme in it. Next year it will have my thyme, basil and cilantro all in it. It will be perfect. My basil right now is not very bushy, but it's very tall.

Tonight at Target I bought a new grey sweatshirt. This will officially replace the grey sweatshirt I've had since I was a sophomore in highschool. That sweatshirt (I'm wearing it now for probably the last time ever) is so old that any elastic it once had in its synthetic fabric is completely dissolved and it just kind of hangs and droops around the hems. It pretty much makes me look like a homeless person, if we're being honest. It's no wonder Martin didn't even hesitate when I asked him if I could get a new one. Geez, if I were Martin I'd be embarrassed to be seen with me.
And here also is a picture of Anja and me in our favorite new style of transportation:
(please ignore the stoopid face I'm making.)

Okay, I know I've promised before/after pictures of the floors, but I still have to take the real "after" pictures. I found the before ones though, so we're halfway there. Until then, here are some pictures of Anja, with the floors included.


MES said...

Your floors are gorgeous!!!

Anna said...

gushing over the floors. . . . gushing gushing.

Are those fuzzi bunz?

sorry i hardly ever comment sllllloooooooowwwwwww innnnnnnttttteeeeeerrrrrnnneeeet in italia. anja is so fat and cute i can't stand it. sorry no capitals, baby julia asleep in arms.

Annie said...

Thanks guys, I'm proud of the floors too. :) Bummer they don't stretch into the dining room!

They are not fuzzi bunz. They aren't even cloth diapers. I got a pile of cute cotton diaper covers/boomers at a garage sale for $2.50. I'm a little bit embarrassed that I was SO set on doing cloth diapers and then when it came down to it I was just too blasted lazy to order the things. Now would be the perfect time to buy them though because I wouldn't need the tiny size. It would save sooooooooo much money, I really want to do it. And now that I have our family laundry cycles under control, I could EASILY do diaper washing too.

Clare said...

Your floors are so nice!!! We had wood floors under our carpet too... but they are pretty beat up. Lots of water damage :( But the carpets were so gross and wet and smelly, I am glad we pulled them up even to see messed up wood floors. Anja is getting so big!! And super cute and chubby!!!