Monday, October 1, 2007


Where do people get the idea that they can be as rude as they are? I'm happy to say that I don't usually come across blatantly rude people, but when I do it really ticks me off. There is this guy who's been around town forever, he used to come into Its a Theme Thing and Latitude Zero when I worked at those shops and he would talk to me foreeeeever and I was always pretty nice to him, but he sometimes he got out of hand. He would try to start talking politics with me and he'd get really angry. Then one time this ex-girlfriend of his came into the shop and started asking me questions about him and telling me how crazy he was. (As if I didn't know. As if she weren't a little coo-coo herself!)

Well, anyway, since I don't work on Main Street anymore I haven't seen this guy in... what... a year and a half, at least? Probably longer. I am SURE he doesn't remember me. He never remembered my name when I told it to him, certainly he doesn't remember me now. But I remember him because I remember all of the crazy customers of those years. (really interesting years, looking back. Some of the things that happened while I worked at those two shops were really amazing!)

So anyway, last night on the phone Martin made me promise him that I'd get myself a fun and yummy breakfast this morning, so I went over to campus and I parked by Morton Center and made a trip around the block, going to Einstein Bagels (I accidently typed "beagles," haha!) and getting an asiago bagel with pumpkin cream cheese, and then to Vienna for a vanilla chai, and back to my car. A nice, but noisy walk due to the construction. But that's not the point. The point is, as I was coming around the block, this man got out of his car and came up on the sidewalk and stared at me for a minute, so I just looked at the ground. And as I passed him he said, "You're getting BIG, aren't you." in a statement kind of way. And he didn't smile and he didn't even know who I was, and it was just really not something that he needed to say. I wanted to stop and say "Well, yeah, Mister Crazy Man, that's what usually happens when someone has a baby. She gets BIG."

Okay, I realize reading back on this story that I haven't done a very good job pinpointing the rudeness of this situation. By what I wrote, I shouldn't be offended. But it was his TONE, and the fact that he stared at me before he said anything, and just the fact that I know he's crazy and judgemental and not an especially nice guy that makes it so annoying.

I think that unless you're complimenting someone's cute shoes or skirt or bag, your opinions of strangers should be kept to yourself. Chances are they really don't care what you think anyway.


Anne said...

Some people! I got really sick of hearing that by the end, too.

Sam G said...

When I was pregnant w/my twins I had a waiter in a restaurant look at me and say 'I know what you've been doing'. I didn't know whether to be mortified for myself or that rude rube...


Joannie said...

HOW RUDE! I don't care what his tone was or anything -- no matter how you say that to a stranger, it's horrible! Gr! Some people.

I think you looked ADORABLE this weekend.

LauraSuz said...

I didn't see you this weekend but I agree with how adorable you look!