Saturday, November 3, 2007

Deer on the Grill

This is the picture that one of Martin's co-workers took of the car in which he hit the deer. I told you there were tufts.


LauraSuz said...

HAHAH!! Poor deer!

Anonymous said...

I hit a deer once too. It bounced off my windshield. I thought I was going to die as the antlers came right towards my face. I seriously believe angels saved me in that moment. I couldn't find the deer afterwards either. I hope he lived too. Glad your husband is okay! Poor deer. Deer meat is very tasty.


Annie said...

Yeah, I'm halfway wondering if the sheriff by saying he was going to "take care of the deer" actually meant he was going to "take the deer"... home and make it into sausage! Your incident sounds terrifying. I've never hit a deer. And lucky for Martin, this was a girl deer with no antlers!