Monday, November 26, 2007

It was a Beautiful Weekend...

This is what Martin said last night as we were moving upstairs and going to bed. And he's right. It was a very beautiful weekend filled with just the right amount of laziness, productivity, and holiday hecticness. And it's so depressing to watch a four-day weekend come to a close. Ugh.

And how else to welcome back the old boring schedule than to have an absolutely exhausting day? Anja is creeping into the bad habit of comfort nursing. For more than one night now she has woken up every one-to-two hours *acting so hungry, just to sit there on her food dish. suck-suck-suck, stop. blink. blink. suck-suck. blink. yawn. fall back asleep. wake up the minute you put her down, acting hungry again. (repeat from *)

Not a good habit!!!! (p.s. the * stuff is knitting language, for anyone who didn't get it. I'm just a big dork is all, and going through knitting withdrawl.) So anyway, I'm hoping for another 5-hour sleep stretch tonight; that'd be fabulous.

Today, being Monday, was the first of the weekly designated Annie Gets the Car days. Every Monday from now until we buy another car I will take Martin to work in the mornings, run my errands all day, and pick him up after work. Today was not only the first day of this routine but it was also the first time I've ever run errands with Anja, including going to the grocery store. Yikes! No wonder it was such an exhausting day... hopefully it will only get easier as the weeks go by. The super fun thing about this day was taking Anja to Martin's work and showing her off to all his office mates. Old women are sooooo funny when it comes to babies. No one called her ugly. No one made fun of her pimply nose. No one even called her Anja Lasagna! It was very fun to show her off. Plus Martin always gets me coffee when I go to his office, and it's in this cozy upstairs kitchenette and I like being there. Today when I picked him up, he brought me more coffee! Yay!

After coming home from dropping Martin off at work we went straight to the doctors office where Anja was weighed -- 6lbs 15oz!!!! She'll be 7lbs by tomorrow. What a little porker. And she's only seventeen days old!

We've moved back up to our bedroom, which was weird and sad in its way. We've turned the furnace back down in the big back room and the mattress is gone from the floor and it looks kind of bare and cold and sad. It was weird to go back up to the bedroom after not having lived there for two weeks. Of course now it is very cozy and wonderful!

Maybe tomorrow I'll have more time for blogging.

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Anna said...

Annie, don't worry about the increased in waking up thing. They hit growth spurts every so often and have to "up" the supply. Its just the baby's way of making sure it happens. Usually afterward they settle back into a more stable nursing pattern again.. And as I am sure you have noticed . . :) they are usually fatter after it happens.

Also beleive it or not your body makes more milk for a two month old, four month old, six, month old accordingly because they do need and drink more. It just never feels like you are making as much as you are in the beginning. If anything it feels like less. SO weird, I know.