Friday, November 16, 2007

Getting to Know You

There are few better ways to be woken up than to have a square of dark chocolate put in your mouth. That's how Martin woke me up this morning! When he went to the grocery store the other day he came home and told me he couldn't do the grocery shopping anymore... he had come home with all sorts of treats, including a 4-pack of mix-n-match beers and a Dove chocolate bar. It was a bummer though, when we realized the beer celebration would have to wait until I'm not on Codine anymore. Boooo. Hopefully that won't be too long though.

It's hard to believe it's already been a week since Anja was born!! Crazy! She is sliding into a nice little routine though, and I think Martin especially is grateful for that. She's putting on some chub and she stays awake for longer periods of time. She's really cute when she's awake. It's nice to be getting to know her schedule because then I can keep ahead of her and keep her fed and happy and avoid hunger-induced fussiness. Her belly button stump fell off sometime in the night, so now she has a real belly button and it's cute. It's an inny!

So, nobody bothered to tell me the gruesome details about breastfeeding... Like the fact that you're a freaking water pistol. I can't count the times poor Anja's been shot in the eyes, ears, or straight up the nose--and it's only been a week! She really doesn't seem to mind much, but I mind because then we both smell like sour milk all the time. I think I should invest in one of those haircutting capes to wear during feeding, and I should get her some sort of rubber ski mask. That way we'll both be protected.

Everyone is being so generous it's almost ridiculous! I can't believe how much people (especially our moms) want to help us out. Yesterday my mom and Mrs. Schap both called to see that Martin and I had dinner. Yes, we had leftovers from the dinner Tara brought us the night before--including dessert. Well, evidently, that wasn't good enough! My mom came by later on with a huge container full of green beans (I looooooooove my mom's greenbeans) and Mrs. Schap wouldn't take no for an answer when she offered to bring us some hot soup from Panera. So she came by with FOUR soup dinners for us! So while I'd like to be on my way back toward slimness, I'm afraid it'll have to wait until the generosity of our families wears off!

Speaking of slimness... I am by no means even anywhere NEAR being back to my old self, but I sometimes catch glimpses of my old self and it gives me hope. Someday I really will be back in my old clothes again. (and that day would come faster if we didn't have the Dessert Queen living next door to us bringing us delicious goodies all the time!)

I'm looking forward to moving back upstairs. Right now Martin and I are camping out in the back room, him sleeping on a twin mattress on the floor and me sleeping on the couch. This is to avoid going up and down the stairs all day and also fixes the fact that I can't very well just fall into bed (mattress on the floor) upstairs like I used to. (the harder part would be getting up from the floor, I think.) I love our bedroom though and I will be so happy to start using it again.


TusaRebecca said...

There's no telling a granny no when it comes to food! That's what they are for...making us fat! Ask Martin about Pappy...he used to always say "You'll never be fat and pretty like me." I wish I had a recording of that! I can't wait to get home and see you. 6 days and counting!

Anne said...

Annie, you sound like you are doing so good!! That's great. Laura and I went to the library the other day and we were shamelessly peeking in your windows (from our car) hoping for a glimpse!! But we won't bug you just yet... :o)

Isn't the generosity amazing? I was floored by it, too.