Thursday, November 1, 2007

The End of an Era (or two)

Well, after two whole years my days of driving Kristof have come to an end. Perfect timing too, I'd say. It was fun, and I'll still see them at church, so that's nice.

Remember the wall mural at Vienna that Martin and I think is so weird and lame? Well now they've gone and re-furnished the back nook as well (where the wall mural is.) Now instead of those ratty old couches with the ugly upholstery that we would all squish onto in highschool they have tables and chairs and sleek retro furniture back there. It's AWFUL! I hate it!! I totally would've bought one of those gross couches from them if I'd known they were re-decorating. So many memories from that little space and now they've just been thrown out to the dumpster. Some people these days are really lacking sentimentality and it stinks.

I told Martin, I'm not counting on it by any means, but I wouldn't be surprised if dinosaur showed up this weekend. The metallic mouth taste from the first trimester has returned, along with some other weird things (that might just be psychological) and Martin is getting back from St. Louis a whole day early because the big dinner down there was cancelled. He still thinks it won't be until after the due date. I don't really care when it is, although it would certainly be convenient to not have to be freaking out about it all next week while he's back in St. Louis.

Yesterday afternoon on his way from northern Indiana to St. Louis, Martin stopped by home for two and a half hours. Hooray! We had a Vienna date (where we noticed the furniture changes) walked the dog and hung around the house for awhile. The Cooks came trick-or-treating before he left (they were the cast of Peter Pan) and as he was leaving Klara, Doug and Kristof came too! Then right after THEY left, Sarah & Andrew and the kiddies showed up and at the invitation to go trick-or-treating with them, I thought "well who wants to stay home alone in a creepy neighborhood on Halloween?" and I jumped in the car with them and went along. This was my costume:

I got lots of candy, and from my mother-in-law I got a pair of cute chicken socks and a Country Living Magazine to drool over. Halloween is such fun. And you know what? For all I say about this being a scummy neighborhood, there were NO pumpkins squashed in the street. And I think every house had pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns out on their porches. Isn't that nice? See, it's not such a bad place after all.

I'm making a stripey hat for dinosaur now. Yellow and green. Really cute.

If this nasty taste in my mouth is not a sign of labor coming soon then I hope it goes away by itself because it's GROSS!!

I took some pictures of the kiddies in their costumes, but they were kind of wound up, and the pictures are really bad. And as you all know, my niece and nephews are very cute... so I wouldn't want anyone to chance his mind about them after seeing those pictures!!

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