Saturday, November 24, 2007

Events of the Weekend Thus Far (with pictures!)

Only eight more days until I get to start singing Comfort, Comfort!! I'm soooooo excited!! Of course, it seems like the rest of the world has already started celebrating that joyous December holiday. Geeminee (Christmas)! We saw someone today driving home with a Christmas tree in their trunk. The stores have been decorated for Christmas since before Halloween. I think it's absolutely ridiculous. And besides that, Halloween and Thanksgiving are perfectly good holidays, we shouldn't be skipping them over just because we like presents and evergreen plants.

This picture is of Anja with my mom. The other kids made indian hats and cut-out turkeys, and they made one of each for Anja too. How sweet! But since we spent the holiday with the Schaps, this picture was taken on Friday when we went to my parents house for leftovers. Anyway, I thought it was cute. And speaking of the little kids, here they are! Looking silly and cute as they always do on Thanksgiving. I don't know the story behind the orange yard flags, so don't ask.

This morning we met up with Matt Aiken at Barnes & Noble for coffee and experienced Anja's first diaper explosion. We don't know it happened, but one side of her diaper came loose and as soon as we sat down at the B&N cafe, we realized she was covered in poo. Martin took her and changed her though, and now we have a bath planned for whenever she wakes up. We are lucky I threw a clean onesie in the diaper bag yesterday, because that's all she had to wear after her clothes were so ridiculously soiled! Also, she and I had our first public feeding together. Except it wasn't so public. While she is a marvelous little nurser, I, unfortunately, am not. I really should start practicing the whole covered-in-a-blanket technique at home. As for today, I went to the ladies room and sat in the handicap stall and fed her.

Last night was our first real social outing with her. We went to Vienna and were able to show her off to many of our favorite people, including our favorite Vienna employee, and lots of our highschool friends. It was a regular holiday reunion for us and it was really fun. All of a sudden we're all spread out--Emily is in Michigan, Tim is in Alabama, Joel's in Ohio and Perkins is in New Jersey. And I think it's nice that Martin and I are married now, and that us being married doesn't mean that our hoilday reunions with our friends is awkward for either of us, because we were always there together before we were married too. I'm hoping that our annual Christmas Game Night still happens this year, although I think last year it didn't pan out. Another person in attendance last night was our friend Ryan Hill who now lives in Chicago. Unfortunately, he's not in the picture because he was the photographer. But look! You can see two of the three wall paintings and the faux brick!! Now you all know what I'm talking about when I complain about the Vienna makeover. I think it's sad--that corner we're in looks like a completely different place.

It's been such a productive, yet relaxing weekend. I've gotten lots of laundry done, Martin has kept up on the dishes, we cleaned our our refrigerator (after which Martin wondered why he married me) and at the same time we've just relaxed around the house. It's been really nice. We were going to take a walk, the three of us, but the day turned out colder than we'd been expecting.

And now Anja is sleeping but is due to wake up anytime... then it's bathtime for her! Yikes!!


Anonymous said...

Get to work on that nursing would you like to eat your dinner in the handicapped stall of a public bathroom? Anyway, I'm sure you couldn't show half as much as those nasty girls at Hooters no matter how you nursed.

Annie said...

Hooters? What made you think of Hooters? Are you craving wings?