Friday, November 30, 2007

Look at this cutie-patootie! I guess they're right when they say you always think your own baby is so cute. I mean, I think other babies are cute too, but I'm afraid my baby might be the ugliest in the world and I'm still thinking she's just the cutiest thing ever.

Does anyone know the scoop on John Langenkamp and Elisabeth... how do you spell her last name? Roese? Reyes? Well anyway, if anyone has any good gossip, pass it along my way because I'm curious.

Yesterday Anja slept all day and I worried once or twice that she might be sick. But she didn't act sick in any of the ten-minute stretches she was awake. Then I worried she might not sleep all night--but she did! She was GREAT all night, back to waking up every 3 hours instead of every hour and going right back to sleep after nursing! I think part of the help was that I never went downstairs. Sometimes I took her downstairs to her room where it's lighter and I can read my book while she nurses. But last night I just stayed up in our room and dozed off while she nursed and she went right back down again every time. She didn't wake up for the day until 8:00 this morning. It was fabulous! And today she's been amazing, just awake and content most of the day. So I guess yesterday she just needed some extra sleep. Oh well!

Last night Martino and I went up to my parents' house for a visit. They had invited Ben and Anna for dinner, and they'd eaten Yummie Pasta. Well, my mom didn't want me to know that they'd had Yummie Pasta (my favorite meal) so they finished up and hid the leftovers, but as soon as I came in the door I smelled it, and asked if that's what they had so they all had to come clean. Then my mom broke down and sent he leftovers home with us and tried to deny the fact that she'd tried to be sneaky about it. Anyway, I think she sent the leftovers home with us so that I wouldn't have to make dinner tonight, but I've already eaten it all up. Half for breakfast, half for lunch, and now it's gone. Whoops!

Anja and I took a walk today. We went to the bank and to McCords! It was very fun and not very cold at all. She had on a super cute outfit, but no one knew it but me since she was all snug in her sling underneath my coat.


Anne said...

Annie! That's so funny! Peter and I always talk about how we worry that Charles might actually be ugly but we'd never know it because we just think he's great!

Oh well; it's a parent perk!

Anna said...

Wow those pictures are too cute. I can't take. it. Its too much!