Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Talked Into It

Well, tomorrow is the day. I ignored my dad's good advice and I set up an appointment to get my hair cut. Martin has been telling me for ages that I should do it before the baby comes because afterward I won't have time and I'll regret not having done it beforehand. Not only that, but he insists I spend a little extra money and get a good haircut. No Beauty Academy or Great Clips this time. (This coming from the guy who is so cheap about his own hair that he won't even go to a $10 barber--he won't have anyone but ME cut it.) I told him spending that kind of money on a haircut is a waste of money and a stupid thing for me to do, and I refused to do it. (Well, I halfheartedly refused... mostly I just whined a lot.) So then today, while I was debating whether or not to call for an appointment, who should call but PERKINS, of all people! I told her my dilemma thinking she'd be the perfect person to be on my side and talk me into NOT making the appointment, convincing me that it was a waste of money. (Perkins is a girl who, if she didn't get her haircuts for free for working at L'Oreal, she would only ever go to the Beauty Academy and be perfectly content.) WRONG. She suckered me into making the phone call. She told me Martin's right, I deserve to start out motherhood with a good haircut, that this is my chance to pamper myself, and just think of all the money we've saved over the last however-many months by having Martin get his haircuts at home? So, my two best friends were both against me on this one; I went home and made the phone call for an appointment, and they had one for me tomorrow.

Maybe I won't regret it. In fact, I know that at least a part of me will only be glad for doing it. I'm sick of my long hair. I only ever wear it up in a knot at the back of my head, and if I think that's going to change with a new baby, ha-ha, who am I trying to fool? And I refuse to become a frumpy mom right from the start. If I'm going to be fat and saggy and covered in spit-up all the time, I'm at least going to have cute hair and wear makeup every day. And cute shoes, I'll always have cute shoes.

Today I've been making chili. The whole reason I'm making the chili is to freeze it so we'll have something to eat right after Dinosaur's arrival, when I might not be feeling at my most fabulous and we'll just be getting into the rhythm of being a single-car family. The problem I ran into only after I'd started making the chili is that I'm not sure I have that many tupperware containers. I mean I have a lot, but most of them are very tiny. You know, about the size for leftover green-beans... a one-helping-of-side kind of size. Not the size for a whole pot of chili. And I can't just stick the whole pot in the freezer because it won't fit. So I have a funny feeling we'll be warming up our dinner 3 spoonfuls at a time for awhile.

Now I know you all are sick to death of hearing about my knitting escapades, but I have to tell this story because it's so cute. Last night after dinner I was working on my bear up at my parents' house, and my niece Angelica was sitting on the table talking to me and looking through the book of knit toy patterns. She suddenly had this great idea that I could knit her A WORM!! But not just any old worm--a medium-sized, black and white striped worm with big cheeks and a face!! I told her I'd be more than happy to knit her a worm. Then she also wanted me to knit her a couple of hats... so Anna and I planned to go to the knitting store with her and she could pick out some yarn for one hat that I would make for her. We were supposed to go this morning but River Knits doesn't open until noon, and then this afternoon I have a feeling their moving truck must've come into town, because I never heard from them again.

And other than that, I stole half a ball of cotton yarn from my mom's yarn basket which is a slightly darker shade of green than the green I have been using. With the three half balls of cotton yarn I have I think I'll be able to make a three-color stripey sweater for dinosaur. I had started it, but then some "kittens" got into the knitting things last night and in order to get the mess untangled I was forced to rip out all of the 4.5 minutes of work I'd put into it.

It's another wonderfully gloomy November day. I really hope that Dinosaur at least comes sometime in November, even if he is late. It's such a nice month. Not as nice as October, but a close second-best.

I also got all my errands run today and was able to check off all but one thing on my list of things to do, and then one I couldn't do because it was to boil eggs but I took up the burners with the chili instead. (which wasn't on the list at all.) Don't be fooled into thinking I'm nesting though. Because I'm not. I really had to force myself to get up and make the chili, and the only reason I did it was because I had a bunch of meat that would go bad if I didn't cook it soon.

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