Sunday, November 18, 2007

I consciously try on my blog to not do too much gushing about Martin. I try not to go on and on about how great he is, or post sappy things about how much I lava him. ("What did one volcano say to the other?" "I lava you.") But now with a third person in the house things have been kicked up a notch. Now instead of doing sweet things for me all the time, he's doing sweet things for me and Anja, and sometimes it's really cute and I can't help posting it. Like last night when he came home from the store where he was buying milk for us and some piping for a project of his, and he made me leave the room for awhile. Then when he invited me back he showed me Anja's feet--he had bought little socks for her!!! He bought six pairs, stripey ones and ones with ducks and snails on them. They are so tiny and so cute, and now we don't have to worry about her feet being cold! I thought it was cute that I sent him out for milk and he came back with baby socks.

Today is the first day that I feel really good. I've only been taking the Tylenol-3 about once a day now, instead of every four hours like before. Usually it's just enough to get me by, but today I feel really good!

I wanted to take Anja to church today but Martin still thinks it's too early for her. I tried to convince him but he's afraid she'll get sick and die. So he went to 4:30 last night without me and I'm going to noon today without him. I don't like going to church separately. This will be the first time we've done it since before we were married.

Anja missed a feeding last night. Somehow the alarm got turned off and she slept from midnight to 5:30. I know it's not a good thing, that she needs to eat more often than that, but it was pretty nice to have a chunk of sleep longer than 3 hours. And when she woke up at 5:30, she didn't act like she was starving--she just woke up hungry, ate, and then stayed awake for awhile.

I have to leave for church; I might post again later.


LauraSuz said...

Do you mind if I call with a couple quilting questions? If you don't, what's the best time to call?


Annie said...

I don't mind at all! Call me any time; if it's a bad time, I just won't answer and will call you back.

So, obviously Martin and I didn't ever get back to Starbucks to see you, but after this weekend Anja will be our take-along companion, so you'll have to let me know when you're working so we can come and spend our giftcards and show off our super cute baby.