Thursday, November 29, 2007


Anja's been sleeping all day. I wake her up and she stays up for about 15 minutes and then just wants to snuggle up and zonk again. And as cute as that is (and it is VERY cute,) I'd much rather her snuggle up and zonk when it's nighttime and then I can get back into my bed and do the same. I don't know what to do to wake her up. Martin says I should give her a bath--and he's right--but I'm kind of afraid of giving her baths. She's wobbly enough when she's dry, I really don't like it when she's wobbly and slippery as well. And she cries when she gets bathed, and I don't like that either.

This morning we went to the library together. I got "What to Expect the First Year," two Milan Kundera books and a chick lit book. I'm telling you, breastfeeding really increases your pleasure reading time. It's pretty great. I finished "Mona in the Promised Land" and LOVED it. Everyone should read it... it's hilarious and surprisingly sweet at the end. Oh, and I also got a Christmas music CD since this weekend is the beginning of Advent.

I left some reply comments to those commenters on my post about diapers from a few days ago. Just so you know.

I like having the library across the street because even when it's only 25 degrees like it was this morning, Anja and I can go someplace. And we don't even have to take the diaper bag. If she has any sort of explosion we'll just go home. It's very convenient. And, of course, it's free!

Maybe during this gigantic nap that Anja's taking I should do something special like bake cookies. I thought for sure that coming in here to blog would wake her up--usually as soon as I start doing something I really want to do she wakes right up! Unfortunately, it's not working today.

Here's something funny: Martin is traveling for work today, (not overnight, he'll be home at dinnertime) so he got a college car for the day. And he was so excited because instead of the usual old-person white Buick that he usually gets, he got this HUGE pickup truck. This thing was gigantic. And he was so excited about it. It's so NOT Martin, but he loved it. It's so big that we went through the ATM and he didn't know if he'd fit. Then he dropped his debit card out the window and neither one of us could open our doors to get out and pick it up. He had to pull out of the drive-thru before he could get out and retrieve it. And we dropped some mail off at the post office street mailboxes and we were so high up he almost couldn't reach the mailbox slot to drop in the envelopes. It was crazy! And then we saw Dan Shaw and gave him a ride home and that's probably the last time we'll ever see him since he isn't from here and he's moving to Evansville. I'm glad he got to meet Anja before he left, even though she was screaming the whole time because she hates her carseat so much.

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