Saturday, November 17, 2007

What's in a Name?

I think when Martin and I came up with the name for our baby we didn't realize how it would confuse people. I guess when you're familiar with a name, even if it has an odd spelling, you just assume that everyone else in the world is familiar with the name as well. As we've already found out: they're not.

So, for those of you who don't know, Anja is pronounced the same as Anya. Anya is a Russian name, but Anja is the German spelling of that name. Since we are neither one of us Russian, but both German (Martin more than me; and I don't care about percentages) we chose to go with the German spelling. So anyway, that's that.

Speaking of Anja, she's looking great. She's getting plumper by the day (because all she does is eat and poo) and she's already noticeably bigger. Today I put her in some footie pajamas (eventually I will begin dressing her in cutie outfits... when she starts to fit into them) and all through the afternoon her feet stayed in the feet of the pajamas!! It was amazing! I can't believe how much bigger she seems already. And her face is becoming so round and her hands are getting fatter. It's nice! Not only because she looks less sickly and granny-ish, but also because she seems less fragile with a little more fat.

These days at home are pretty relaxing, especially when Martin is here. He went back to work on Thursday and he actually went to work this morning too, but he was home by 9:30 or something, and Anja and I slept the whole time he was gone. This afternoon he's been DOING work, but working from home while Anja and I lie on the couch and talk to him and drink coffee. It's been a pretty low-key and cozy day.

Martin is good about sending me out of the house. Today I was not good about going. He offered to send me up to the new coffee shop on Main Street to get us some coffees, but I never went. I'll promise him that I'll go tomorrow. I think he worries that I'll get a blood clot or something.

My skin is looking great as well. I think the blotchies disappeared at the moment of her birth--which is awesome. Surprising as well, considering I went 4 days without washing my face.

Hey! She's awake! I'm going to go play with her.


Jill said...

I kinda know how you feel about names. I got all kinds of strange reactions with "george arnold". Everyone had one of three reactions: "Is that a family name?" if they were confused, "Wow, that's a strong name" if they liked it, and "hmm, not many people named George anymore" if they didn't. After awhile it got pretty comical and we tried to guess which of the three reactions people were going to have.

Annie said...

So what you're saying is, even after pregnancy the nervy people don't go away???

I think George is a perfect name.