Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Oh, I Remember Now!

I just remembered what I REALLY wanted to post about yesterday--diapers!! I don't know about the rest of you, but yesterday I found Huggies to be really worthless. Anja leaked through her diaper 3 times yesterday! I bought a package of Huggies because they were on sale. Big mistake. Now I'm afraid we're going to have blowouts until the package is empty.

We have this tree outside our bedroom window which seems to be the only tree with the leaves still on it. It's kind of weird.

I can't express how nice it is for Martin's travel season to be over. It's so great. Last night I made BBQ wings--YUM! And so deliciously messy.

I have a whole laundry basket full of socks to be matched and folded. I've done a pretty good job of keeping up with the laundry these days. Doing it is the easy part, folding it is only slightly harder... but putting it all away seems to be impossible. The big back room is filled with little stacks of folded clothes. Well, I'm getting there!

I have the best cat in the world. And so stripey too!


Clare said...

So I have found the best diapers are the cheapy ones (as far as disposies go). Luvs is the best "name brand" and the Target brand are even better (and cheaper). Anastasia had so many blowouts until I switched to full-time cloth (the elastic around the edges contain EVERYTHING). Huggies are the WORST and Pampers are comparably awful and gave A. EVIL rashes. I am sure everyone gives you a trillion suggestions and I figured I would throw in my 2 cents since I am crazy passionate about diapers. lol. there is nothing worse than poop everywhere (especially on cute baby clothes). Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Luvs by far beat out all the others. Oh and the tree you're talking about is probably an oak, they don't loose their leaves until the new ones force them out in the spring.

Anne said...

So funny how everyone has their own favorites. We actually love Pampers Swaddlers and Cruisers. And we are willing to pay more for the namebrand...which is unusual for us.

But I wonder if blowouts don't happen more often when they're younger...Charles used to have them all the time and then they just kind of stopped.

Hope you find something that works for you!!!

Sarah said...

I'm with Clare, generic is the best. But Anne is right -- they tend to out grow the "blow out" stage. But then they grow into the uber stinky stage!!

Annie said...

Woo, comments!! This is what I like to see!

Funny, what you said is exactly what my sister told me. Except the part about Luvs, she didn't mention them. Sarah hates Pampers too, but they're all we've tried except for the Huggies, and they didn't leak, so I thought that was good. Sarah thinks they smell funny. (I think she just has poopie kids.) As soon as Anja gets bigger we're going to try cloth diapers. Any suggestions for that?

It IS an oak tree!! A+ for you on forestry!

We like Pampers so far and we have plenty more in the closet that YOU gave us!

I recently read a study that proved the biggest determiner of a child's stinky diapers to be how stinky his/her parents are. Therefore, when you say "uber stinky," I suppose you're admitting to your own level of uber stinkiness??

Sarah said...

Yeah right. That's about as true as a wazoozul being a big screw that goes into a house stud! (Remember that????

Clare said...

Well, I can give you my best resource Look under the product reviews section for tons of peoples favorites. I use Indian prefolds that you can get at Montana's Diaper store ( I think the Chinese prefolds are trimmer but I think the Indian ones are more absorbant. I love the Thirsties covers ( because they contain everything and are uber cute and trim. The Bummis whisper wraps are great too (though not as adorable IMO and you know how important that is with babies) but the velcro seems to hold up better. Ask Anna--she has been doing it much longer than me and probably has some great ideas. Good luck!

Annie said...

I think this post gets the blue ribbon award for Most Use of the Word "Uber."

Thanks, Clare, for your suggestions--Anna and I were actually online the other day looking at diapers too, she showed me, have you seen that?

Sarah- HA! Yes, I remember that!

Clare said...

Yeah I have seen Green Mountain Diapers! I use them as a great resource as they have the best instructions and pictures of how the diapers look on baby. I thought they were a little pricey when you compare them with packaged deals you can get elsewhere. But that is just me... I am a little bit of a cheapskate ;)