Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Guess Who's Wearing Fat Pants?!?!?

I AM!!!! Thanks to yesterday's staple removal I am today wearing my three-sizes-too-big blue jeans. It feels amazing. Well, actually that's a lie.. I'm still a little freaked out by my "wound" (as Martin calls it) and so I am nervous to sit down or scrunch over. Other accomplishments of today include shaving my legs for the first time in almost two weeks, and putting on my own socks! Looks like I'm getting back to normal!

So for the past several months I've been dreading this day because it's Martin's "W Night" down in Evansville. It's kind of his big project of the season, I guess you could say. I used to dread it because he'd be overnight and my due date still isn't until Saturday so I was afraid of him being so far away. Then after Anja was born I dreaded it because as it turned out I didn't want him to be away overnight after the baby was born any more than I wanted it before the baby was born. But then just the other day he was talking to me and I realized that he isn't going to be staying overnight at all. Evidently that was never the plan and I had this date confused with something else that's already over. Isn't that stupid? So I've been quietly freaking out about this looming date when really I have absolutely nothing to freak out about! He'll be getting home late tonight, but it'll still be tonight.

Anja was AWESOME last night. Every three to three and a half hours she woke up, fed quietly, and went back to sleep. She let me put her in her bassinet, unlike the night before. She was fabulous.

While we were in the hospital there were all sorts of wacky people coming and going and Martin had a lot of things to sign for whatever various things. Evidently he signed some paper agreeing to let someone from 'Healthy Families' come by and talk to us. This woman had been calling me since about the day we got home from the hospital and everything was so crazy there at the beginning that I never bothered calling her back. But she kept calling me about every day so finally I called back and set up an appointment for today at 11:00 for her to come over and talk to me, not knowing who on earth she was or what she wanted to talk to me about. When I told Martin, he remembered signing the paper and couldn't believe that he had. He said she was a Baby Snatcher and that she was coming to make sure we were fit parents. Turns out, he was right. She didn't snatch my baby because she had no reason to do that, but she did ask me a lot of personal questions like if I had ever been spanked as a child and what my own form of discipline will be for my children. She asked if I'd ever had any crimes from speeding tickets to murder and she set up all these scenarios involving my child misbehaving and how I would react. She asked how Martin and I fight with each other, what we do when we get angry and if we or anyone in our families have ever used drugs or abused alcohol. She asked all sorts of questions about our financial situation from whether we worry about money to whether we've ever had no food at home. I actually felt kind of violated. I realize my dumb husband signed a consent form, but really, none of those questions were any of her business. Lucky for me, we have nothing to hide. We have a cute, clean house and a cute baby (who's not clean, let's be honest, she's constantly getting sprayed with breastmilk) and a perfect little life on Alabama Street. Martin and I were never beaten as children, and we don't indent to beat our own. But seriously-- my daughter is 11 days old. I'm not going to know exactly how I'll react to any given situation when she's 2 or 4 years old--I barely know her!!! I know I won't start whaling on her if she misbehaves, but I can't say what particular form of discipline will be appropriate for her when the time comes. Stern talking to, or time-out? Who knows? But the bottom line is, it isn't this girl's business and I didn't like her asking.

And what I liked less about her asking was the fact that she didn't really care about our life--she just wanted to make sure we were playing by the CPS rulebook. I told her that Martin graduated from Wabash and now works there and about 2 seconds later she was running through some questions and she asked both if Martin went to college and if/where Martin is employed. When I told her the answers, she didn't give any sign that she'd already heard the answers. I told her we bought the house through NHS and she later asked if we were buying or renting our house. The small talk she made was all an act. Grrrr.

I hope that little rant doesn't offend anyone.

So anyway. I need to start thinking about Christmas presents for people. I have this really fabulous brown yarn that I'd like to make something with... and I don't know if I have the heart to give it away!!!! I'm so selfish and awful.

Another great thing about Anja and the schedule she made up for herself is that now Martin and I have our mornings together again. When we were first married I'd get up with him in the morning and eat breakfast and have coffee with him before he went to work, then I'd go back to bed after he left. Then when I was pregnant I stopped doing that. (Basically because I stopped getting out of bed at all.) But now it's great because I wake up with Anja at just about the time Martin gets up for work, and Anja is usually wide awake after that, so we get to have our mornings together! It's very nice.

Possibly some pictures later this afternoon!


Joannie said...

Um, is that creepy picture so that we'll call the Healthy Families lady and make her go back to your house? I'm concerned for Anja's safety if you have giant bugs prowling around the house...

Annie said...

Yeah right, that's not MY house! It's my mom's!!! And that is a praying mantis that somehow ended up on the living room chair, right behind my mom's head. Isn't that cool?!?