Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Hour That the Milk Comes In

That title is for all you Bob Dylan fans out there. If there are any of you.

So you know how when you're living with something lousy and you don't really have any idea how terrible it is until you start living with something better? Well, Martin upgraded our Windows Explorer sometime in the last couple of days, and it's awesome!! All the colors are so clear and vibrant, and things that didn't used to show up do now, and in the history drop-bar, things have icon labels next to them, including blogs with the Blogger "B," and any Wabash page has a big SCARLET "W".

Martin took today off again, which was kind of a surprise. But it was sooooooooo great to have him home for an extra day. One day at home before him leaving just wasn't enough--and he would've been gone from this morning until tomorrow night, because of a trip to Evansville tomorrow. However, that got worked out so that he doesn't have to leave until tomorrow morning, so not only did I have him here for the day, but also for the night!! Yaaay!! I feel much more ready now than I did last night to have him going back to work.

This afternoon he came in and Anja was asleep and he told me I should take a walk to McCords or Kathy's Kandies or something. So I did! It was nice to get outside and it was a perfect fall day, all cool and cloudy. I walked down to Kathy's Kandies and bought some chocolate orange peels for us. It was great. I always forget how close we are to Main Street, specifically the 6th Street intersection of Main, which, in my opinion, is the best intersection. Nicely set in the middle, a central location of wherever you need to go.

So remember that teensy little hat that I knit awhile back and modeled on Theodore? Remember how I thought there was no way on earth it would fit Dinosaur? Well, it does!! She's wearing it now! And it's nice that it fits, because it's the only hat that does, other than the one the hospital gave her.

I forgot to post THE CUTEST story ever. So the day after Anja was born Mrs. Schap brought flowers that were actually from John Mooney, who couldn't come up because his son was visiting. So Mrs. Schap went to Rubia and picked out pink roses, and she was very specific about the need for them to be pink because of her new granddaughter. So she picked out the flowers and was paying for them, and apparently the girl working all of a sudden shouted, "She had her baby!" Hahahaha, such a small town! Well, not long after Mrs. Schap had told me this story, a girl came in with a flower delivery for me--from the Tuesday girls at Rubia!!!!! Isn't that SWEET?!?!? I can't wait to go back there and thank them.

I meant to call my sister today and tell her this, but I guess she'll just have to read it here: Today I am wearing the same overalls that Sarah was wearing when I met my nephew Christopher for the first time!!!!! Yay. Gosh, it's hard to believe he's 5 now.

My neighbor Tara has a yellow preemie dress that she's going to lend to Anja for mass on Sunday. That makes me excited. I don't know if we'll go to 7:30 or 9:30.... decisions, decisions.

Mike Prangley says there might be snow tomorrow, just some spitting with the rain, but that there might be REAL snow for Thanksgiving. Isn't that FABULOUS?!? I love snow. I mean, I REALLY LOVE SNOW.

Martin has made Theodore go on a diet now that Baxter is gone. He says no more dog food. Poor Theodore.


Sam G said...

AHHH, preemie clothes. I remember those. I saved one outfit from each of my twins. I really loved those tiny clothes.

I am not an early morning person anyway, but I'd say 9:30 is the better bet for getting out of the house w/the baby...


LauraSuz said...

Isn't snow the best?! I don't know if you've ever seen Gilmore Girls but I know a scene you would love!

When I was at the quilting shop last night I was getting confused about what they were saying, you know, quilting talk. I had to explain how I know nothing about quilting and a friend was teaching me but she recently had a baby so now I’m surging on by myself. I asked how long they had worked there, knowing you worked there some time ago, and these ladies got so excited Annie! They knew you and say congratulations.

Beth said...

Hey Congratulations!! I'm a friend of Anne and Laura :) Well, an online friend but I've met them both in person at the ordination!

Baby girls are SO fun.