Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Milk Allergy Experiment

So, we're experimenting with the possibility of Anja having a milk allergy. If I'm to cut out the milks that give her the gassies, what does that mean I can and can't have? And if it works, how long does the milk-free diet last?


Anne said...

I know almost nothing about it. BUT David (who knows alot about food allergies) told me that even if you're cutting out dairy, you still use butter...something about the part of dairy that everyone is allergic to isn't in butter.

Otherwise, check your labels - everything has dairy or wheat practically.

Clare said...

I pretty much cut out all milk and dairy (yogurt, cream cheese, and most cheeses except goat cheese). I drank rice milk which was not that great but was better than a screaming baby by far. I kept cream in my coffee and had a little cheese here and there. It is quite a sacrifice but it will come to an end (I had to pass up some seriously scrumptious cheese cake time and again) but it is totally worth it to have a content baby. I hope it works out for you. I am also told that soy is a common allergy that causes milk allergies because cows are fed primarily soy which carries over into their milk. It seemed to hold true for A. Good luck! You should notice in a couple days if it is working! I wish you the best and Happpy New Year!

Annie said...

Okay, so how long does it take for something I've eaten to have an effect on Anja? And how long does the no-milk diet last? And does dairy include eggs? Also, I heard you stopped in at Ben and Anna's on your way to Chicago! Too bad you didn't have longer to hang around, I would have loved to meet you and Anastasia!

Pyrex, pyrex, pyrex... what is your moving date?

Anna said...

annie, I think the effect was either immediate or a few hours later, ususally the first feeding I had after eating the offending dairy product was what produced the fussiness.

I had to cut out everything but butter, cream and REALLY aged cheese, (like parmesean) and goat and sheep cheeses were okay.--like chevre or pecorino.

I think I was able to get no fussiness with yogurt after a while, but it was several months. I think milk and cheese were later like when she was nine months old. . .

THe best treat is this dairy free ice-cream they make called "Rice Dream" in chocolate flavor. As an added bonus for slimming the old figure down it is also sugar free-sweetened with rice syrup.--hehe. So I ate it all the time whenever I was having a dairy craving. Make sure you eat a leafy green every day (salad, swiss chard, spinach, etc.) or legumes so you keep your calcium levels up and take a calcium supplement.

Good luck! It's tough but if Anja is less fussy the difference is HUGE and when you do cheat at least you know WHY they are fussy. Not knowing is the hardest thing. :)

Clare said...

I think cheeses and yougurt were okay around 6 months. I started having real milk around 7 or 8 months I think. Wekl at the beginning of Feb we are moving to Munster, IN so we will atleast be closer. I am sure a day trip to Lafayette wouldn't be out of the question. (it will be much better than 12 hours) lol. One day I am sure our paths will cross! :)

Annie said...

Are baked beans legumes? I eat a lot of baked beans. And I eat a lot of peas. Do those count as leafy greens, even though they aren't leafy? Yumm... RICE DREAM... sounds dreamy!