Friday, February 15, 2008

Another Weekend Begins

It's 9:15 and Anja is already tucked in!! This is not quite a miracle.. the miracle will come when she doesn't wake up in an hour and stay up until 3:00 in the morning. But whatever; tomorrow is Saturday so we can sleep all day if we want.

Yesterday for Schmalentines Day I made Martino a cookie shaped like a heart. I formed it on the cookie pan as a very wide-eared heart so that it would expand to be normal looking... but it still just expanded to look like a big blob, so I cut it into its heart shape while it was still warm. He got me "The Holiday" on DVD and 3 dark chocolate, milk-free candy bars! Also we were real lame-oes and got ourselves gifts "from each other." I got 5 new pairs of cutie boyshort undies and he got another Pavel Tsatsouline book.

Today was an extra Annie Car Day since my Wednesday got kind of taken over by Anja's ear infections. It was a great day. Anja and I went over to Vienna in the morning and it would've been more fun if I hadn't left my book in the car. We stayed there awhile and Anja was soooo happy to be there, and I read the Exponent but then I started feeling dumb just sitting there with nothing to do and not waiting on anybody, so we left. As soon as she left she was not happy. So we went to my mom's. I'm not sure if I can say yet what we did at my mom's though, so that'll be a mystery until my next post. After Ooma fed me and Anja took a nap at home, we went to the grocery store for shrimps (tonight's dinner, shrimp stirfry!) then drove down to pick up Martino. Ate dinner, washed dishes, and then went on a favorite date to B&N where I saw Greg Brassie and this woman I don't know who remembers me from some years ago seeing me play! How exciting! Anja really makes friends easily. All sorts of people stop to say hello to her, it's kind of funny... and awkward, because I don't know these people so while they stare at my baby with googley eyes, I'm just standing there grinning like an idiot, not having any idea what to say in order to make conversation with these over-friendly strangers. And then sometimes I try to leave but the strangers keep talking to Anja, and then it's REALLY awkward.

Kim brought over some CDs the other day, and on one of them is the song "On the Radio" by Regina Spektor, and it's really funky and fun. Martin's completely obsessed with it, and I think it's cute. I mean, I think the song is cute, not the way Martin's freakishly enthralled. Because I think that's kind of weird. (Funny thing: I couldn't think of a synonym for "obsessed" so I asked Martin, "What's a synonym for 'obsessed'?" and he replied, "hmm.... how are you using it?" and looked over to see. Heh heh heh...)

I can't wait till I can post the big secret from my trip up to Ooma's today. Maybe there will be pictures too!

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