Sunday, February 10, 2008

Reading History

Last night I started reading back through my old LiveJournal posts, starting the spring of 2005. Oh my gosh. I had such a fun life! I knew EVERYONE! And I did so much!! Every day I rambled off a list of fun things I had already done and then would tell what I was going to do that night! How fun. There was one period of time though that kind of depressed me because I was all excited about the plans Martin and I had been making to take a trip to Italy, but that, as you know, never really worked out. For various reasons. Well, first we didn't really save our money to go (he did, I didn't) and then we started dating so we couldn't go alone, and then we got married and before we had time to do anything (as if we had any money anyway) Anja came to us. So we've still never been to Italy or anywhere else, and that part of my LiveJournal history makes me sad, but whatever. All the rest is REALLY fun to read about.

And that summer was the best of everything. I had so many friends, and it was the prime of the Latitude Zero job as well as the Cajun Connection gigs. It was really, really great.

Speaking of Cajun Connection, I wish they hadn't gone under. I wish someone else would open a Cajun restaurant exactly like it now. I would KILL for a crawfish/shrimp boil. And some etouffee and some corn bread......... I'm literally drooling right now.

Tomorrow is the start of our Moms' Monday Rosary Group. I hope people really show up. I'll understand if they don't though... I mean I wouldn't come to my house knowing that I'd be mauled by a big dog, a rat dog, a vicious cat and a drooly baby. But we'll stay in the back room where Baxter can't get to us.

Today we had brunch at my parents' house! That hasn't happened in a very long time. It was nice! We watched Christopher's super cool tae-kwon-do video! Such a stud!!!

We're doing our grocery shopping tonight; since Martin missed 3 days of work last week for being sick, he's going to be staying late for some nights this week, and one of those nights is tomorrow, our grocery day. So here we go!

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Anne said...

I am so bummed to missing the Mom's rosary group. I would totally be there if I could.


But I hope you have a great turn out.