Thursday, February 14, 2008

Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun

Okay, so Anja's ammoxicilan (sp?) doesn't taste like Doublemint, but it does taste like bubble gum! The poor little thing has an ear infection in BOTH ears. She was crabby for a couple of days and one night had a teensy bit of a fever so I took her in yesterday suspecting an ear infection, and came out knowing she had two. Poor thing! But today she is a zillion times happier. Right now she is flirting with all her jungle animal friends.

The biggest thing that's happened to me today is that Anja actually listened to me play guitar for awhile. This is a BIG DEAL, people. She sat on the floor and watched me play for a half hour or more!!! It was GREAT!! The only reason I tried it is because it's Schmalentines Day, and I just couldn't bear to go the day without singing "Valentine's Day, Schmalentine's Day" so I figured she could suck it up and listen to one song. But then she liked it!! So I played a few more songs, and she liked them too!! We did gospel songs and kids songs and some Bill Staines and Wagon Wheel, and Battle Cry of Freedom, and she liked them all! It was amazing!! So now I no longer have to consider myself an ex-musician. In fact, while we were singing, Kim stopped by so I told him that I think I can finally start playing out again since Anja doesn't hate my singing anymore. Hooray!

Yesterday was a very long day. All the doctor-going really takes it out of you, and then I had to go down to Crawfordsville and get Martin. Before that I stopped by the store to pick up some butter to make some cookies for Martin's Valentines Day office party that is today. Dinner was pot roast in the crock pot. I was figuring I'd pick him up, we'd eat, we'd go out to get each other something for Valentines Day, and then he could play with Anja while I made the cookies. But as it turned out, his boss asked him to go back to work that night. So I picked him up and we did the Valentines shopping, then he dropped me back at home and went back to work while I tried to make cookies, but Anja was feeling lousy by that time and so she just cried the whole time. Martin got home around ten, so I started the cookies then and Anja kept crying. I fed Martin pot roast at 11:00 and only got half the batch of cookies baked before figuring that was plenty for his stupid office and I eventually got to bed a little after 1:00. Whew!

Aw, Anja just fell asleep on the floor underneath her jungle animals. How cute! She's never done that before!

One tough thing about the dairy-free diet is Lent. It seems hard to think of meals that exclude meat AND cheese. And I don't know how to cook fish. Last week we had tuna salad and crackers. I don't know what we'll do tomorrow. There's always tomato soup, but it's not the same without grilled cheese to go with it. *sniff*

And here is the card I made for Martin for this Schmalentines Day:


Anne said...

haha! love the card. It's so accurate for us young couples, huh!?


Joannie said...


The nice thing about Italy is... you can go the whole day and not even realize it's Valentine's Day! I didn't even realize it was until I was at Mass at 6pm and Father said that we were celebrating the feast of Cyril and Methodius, and I thought, "Ha, it's Valentine's Day!" Then lots of guys on the bus had bouquets of flowers they were taking home, so that was nice.

I LOVE the card. You're a stitch!

Michelle said...

I just had to comment today. I don't know if we've ever officially met, but I am Brian Greene's wife. We have a little girl who is almost the same age as your sweet pea. I've been reading and enjoying your blog recently (attached to Anne's.) We run in a lot of the same circles (you were writing about Bethany the other day-- it's funny to hear people you don't know talking to someone who is at your house almost daily), but you and I haven't really talked for whatever, hi!

Sarah said...

That card is hilarious! I laughed out loud.