Friday, February 22, 2008

Little Miss Grabby Pants

Anja is getting SO GOOD at grabbing things!!! She has this wooden hanging toy named Mr. Haba Man and it has a ring on the bottom. I hung it from her jungle toy and it's the perfect height for her to grab. She loves it!!

Oh my gosh, talk about a productive day. We might actually be able to start showing people the upstairs of our house again! During Anja's nap I started cleaning up our bedroom, and the end result is terrific. I moved some furniture around too, pulled the bed away from the wall, and made a little table out of a shoebox and a plant stand. I dusted and threw away the mountains of trash that had collected, I vacuumed, which was a task that also involved FIXING the vacuum! (You really don't want to know why it wasn't working.) And I fixed the curtains that had fallen down and rearranged some of the not-so-pretty stuff like a plastic tub of summer clothes and the CD player to go behind the curtains so you can't really see them. I am really happy with the way the room looks now. I'd already put the book nook back together last week, so now the only step left to having our upstairs completely viewable is to clean up that bathroom. Which will be a major task, since the only person who uses that person is not a person at all, but a cat.

Last night Anja was a really restless sleeper. She just wasn't doing well, waking up every half hour or hour all night long, not really nursing but not being awake. She just woke up fussy and wouldn't go back down. Finally, I went downstairs and got her carseat and when I put her in it, she conked and didn't wake up for five hours. I had had some curried chicken earlier in the evening... can babies get heartburn? It really seemed like she just didn't want to be flat on her back. Poor thing.

The scrapbook party at Tara's house last night was pretty fun. My sister and my mom came which made it extra loud, of course, especially since the rest of the girls there were pretty quiet people. It was put on by Tara's friend, who is the one, as it turns out, who was VERY pregnant during the summer when I was not quite as pregnant. She used to come over to Tara's a lot. So she had her baby and it was a girl, and she's 6 months old. It was funny to see what Anja will be doing in a few months!

My next daunting household task is to clean up Anja's room. Ever since we cleaned up the bathroom and resolved not to just throw our clothes in there, Anja's room has become the new hamper. Unfortunately. What's just now becoming a problem in her room is the lack of storage; she's currently in 3 different sizes of clothing (a big change from only being able to fit into 3 preemie outfits at the beginning of this adventure!) and there's just not enough space in her drawer. Yes, drawer. She has exactly one drawer for her clothes. Which was fine when she was only wearing newborn clothes and everything else could be put away someplace else. But now she's in a few newborn, mostly 0-3, and she's quickly beginning to fit into her 3-6 month stuff. I think I'll have to make a run out to one of the liquor stores sometime in the near future and collect a few boxes to put away the too-small clothes until the next baby.

Tonight's dinner is spaghetti sauce from a jar. I forgot it was Friday until about noon and was planning on finishing up the beef-vegetable soup. Whoops! Change of plans!

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