Friday, February 1, 2008

Snow Day!

I guess the weathermen were right in their prediction, they just got the timeline wrong! We thought the roads would surely be cleared by 9:00 this morning, but it was not the case. Martin got up and left for work, and I was just out of the shower and in my underwears when I heard someone coming into the house. I thought it might be a robber or a rapist, so what do I do? I just walk into the kitchen in my underwear to see who it is. Good thing it was only Martin coming home again! He said 231 was impossible, that he was sliding all over the place. So he came home and was going to try again a little later, but it started snowing a lot, and the lady at his office told him he'd better just stay home. So I just put a chicken in the oven and Anja just woke up from her morning nap (Anja, who slept EIGHT AND A HALF HOURS last night) and we're all set for a cozy day. Gotta love snow!

However, Martin and I both said that we're completely jealous of highschoolers these days. Okay, we NEVER had this many snow days when we were in highschool. I never thought I would wish to be 16 again, but I dunno now...

Anja's cough seems better today. Last night we gave her some Tylenol Cough & Cold, and it must've helped. (it knocked her out, that's for sure.) Anyway, she's super happy so she must not be too close to death yet.

I'm starving. I'm going to go find a snack.

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