Saturday, February 16, 2008

To Be Me

Ugh. Sometimes I really hate being me. And one of those times was on Thursday when for the first time I was able to fit back into my very favorite brown Gap shirt, the extra-small long-sleeved V-neck that I only wear for dressy-casual special occasions, and I succeeded in going the whole day with minimal amounts of spit up on my shoulder until dinner time came and when I was dishing out our pot roast, I got grease ALL DOWN THE FRONT. I washed it right away, and I just got it out of the laundry basket to fold it... and the grease stains are still there. My favorite shirt is ruined. And not even by my baby... it's just ruined by me and my stupidity and my laziness for not putting on the apron that was ten ten feet away. UGH.

1 comment:

Anne said...

all my fav shirts are ruined from charles' greasy facial lotion... i know how you feel