Thursday, February 21, 2008

It's a Walk in the Mall

Seriously, if the above-fifty-degree-temperatures don't show up pretty soon, I'm going to have to become a mall walker, and I'm not really joking. At all. I am getting fat, just plain fat. You're supposed to LOSE weight after you have a baby, not lose a little bit and immediately start gaining it all back again. (And no, I'm not pregnant again.) Arrrggg!! So anyway, I'm serious about this mall walking business. Don't they open the doors at like 6am for the mall walkers? And Sarah, your all-terrain vehicle would definitely fit down those super wide ramps they have.

Anway, I need to do something because this weight gaining thing is getting old fast.

Could we have asked for more perfect weather for the lunar eclipse last night?!? I was driving down to Crawfordsville to pick up Martin and was thinking how pretty and bright the moon was. Then on the way home, I looked up and thought, "that's funny, the moon was almost full awhile ago." And then I remembered the eclipse! We pulled off to get McDonald's coffee and looked at it for awhile, then drove home. By the time we got to our house, there was only a sliver of moon left. Unfortunately, we missed it being completely covered because Anja woke up, but what we saw was pretty cool.

Tonight I'm going to a party at Tara's house. It should be fun, except that I won't know anybody and they're all mormons and I'm not.

Speaking of mormons... she and I were talking the other day about how funny and weird it is that some prodestants seem to really target catholics and mormons and say how awful they are. We think it's weird and kind of unchristian of them to do that.

Speaking of Power Christians--Scott Greeson called me yesterday!! I didn't answer because I was in the middle of changing Anja's diaper, but I'll call him back today.

Theodore smells like poop.

Anja has some of the cutest clothes ever. I'm so glad she's a girl!!!!


Anonymous said...

That Anja is such a cutie-patootie! I swear, she gets cuter all the time!
Annie, if you think that you are fat, then you must have anorexia. If you get any skinnier you will look like an escapee from Auschwitz.

Anonymous said...

I believe the doors to the mall open no later than 9 a.m. I could even be 8 a.m. 4 years ago when I was walking after surgery, I tried to get out there at 9.

Better yet, go across the street to the library and just walk around in there. You won't need a car to get there.

A. A. M.

Annie said...

A.A.M. (I like that!)-

I do go to the library, but I get so distracted there. And I want to walk fast... kind of like power walking, except it's not power walking, it's just the way I walk. But Anja does like to go to the library and walk around, so we do that a lot.

Yes, she is the cutest baby in the world, I know. Isn't that last picture nice, how her eyes are the same size?

Sarah said...

I think she looks like you in that last picture.

My all-terrain freak show veHicle would be happy to go walking with you!