Monday, February 11, 2008

Babies and Toddlers and Kids, OH MY!

This morning was our first rosary group! We had 5 moms, which was perfect since there are 5 decades of the rosary. And with the five moms we had 11 kids. Whee! Safe to say it was pretty crazy! But it was a good time and I hope everyone always comes back, forever.

Too I wasn't as peppy (nor as prepared) as I'd hoped to be... Last night around 3:00 I woke up with that old familiar throbbing knife in my head and I counted the hours till 8:00 when I could go to the Urgent Care and get a prescription for an antibiotic. My mom came over to watch Anja while I went, EVEN THOUGH I WOKE HER UP with my early phone call with that request. To thank her I brought her some Vienna coffee. I like Urgent Care because it's so quick and easy, in and out, no small talk, they look in my ear and say, "yes, you do have an ear infection" and write me a prescription. But they faxed it to CVS and when I went to pick it up it wasn't ready yet. They said it'd be 15 minutes. So I wandered around the store for about a half hour until I went back and sat in the chairs by the pharmacy and finally this other girl who hadn't been there when I'd first gotten there, asked me for my name and my prescription had been filled and was just sitting there waiting for me, collecting dust. They'd never called my name!! GRRR. But while I was wandering around the store feeling sorry for myself, I picked up some Burt's Bees strawberry flavored lip gloss and some Burt's Bees hand salve for my pooooorrr dry hands. I felt like pampering myself a little bit. Don't judge me.

When I got home, the Cooks were at my house! They had come to see Lizzie, the new "cat." Hee hee. And shortly after that, Mary and Colette showed up and then everyone else and the madness began. I think Mondays will be really great with this rosary group. I wish my house were more kid-proof. It's just that Martin and I have so far been able to afford being somewhat lazy because Anja is still immobile. Then it throws us for a loop when people with actual children show up. Good thing we have that weird chalkboard in the hallway though... that'd keep them occupied for ages. I need to get more chalk for it though as we're only down to nubs and even one of the nubs got dropped down the vent today.

Okay, Anja is so cute. Today she found her hand! My mom warned me that it would happen--she'd one day discover that this thing was attached to her and she could move it and even put it in her mouth and take it out again, and today was the day! She sat in her swing watching her hand for the longest time while I was washing dishes... very adorable.

Last night could've been a really great night for sleep. Anja fell asleep at dinner, around 7:00, and my parents came over so Martin and I could take our car in to the shop. She was dead asleep when we came home, so I put her down after they left, and she stayed asleep for hours. She woke up around 11 or midnight to eat and then I put her down again, and it was only because I was so awake that I got up with her two more times. I don't think she was ever really awake when I fed her either of the other times. I could hear her breathing change and I wasn't getting any sleep, so I got up and fed her, but she never even opened her eyes. Kind of dumb on my part, but hey, I was bored.

I really hate ear infections. They're just so obnoxious. The whole time everyone was here this morning I couldn't hear a darn thing anyone was saying. Ugh.

Well, anyway, enough complaining. Anja is sleeping here beside me on the couch and she is so cute! She's been so incredibly happy today.

Martin is working late tonight to make up for his three days of missed work last week. I feel bad for him because he still isn't feeling all the way well, and an eight hour day would've been plenty... but you do what you've gotta do, I guess.

I think I'll refill my Decaf Delight, and go read everyone elses blogs!!

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