Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Good Morning, Annie Car Day!

This is shaping up to be a pretty busy day with the car! This is not such a bad thing since Martin will be staying late at work (again.) Usually I leave around 3:45 to go down and pick him up, which means I have to be home long before that to get Anja changed and fed and ready to go, so my days sometimes seem pretty short. But today I won't be picking him up until after dinner so I've got plenty of time to do all the things that have fallen onto my plate.

This morning I'm going over to Mary Sheiko's house to visit. I'm looking forward to that because I want to see her house, and because going over to someone's house means not spending any money AND not worrying so much about Anja having a psychotic outburst. Oh my gosh, like she did last night whenever either of my parents tried to hold her. What's her problem anyway? She only seems to like three people in the whole world: me, Martin, and Sarah. Oh, and she likes Kim, she doesn't cry when he holds her either. What a little goon though! They are her grandparents, and they are ultra snuggly! Silly baby.

Anyway, in the afternoon I am meeting my Aunt AnnaMay out at Nature's Pharm to do a little health food shopping. (Or Burt's Bees product shopping, heh heh...) and then later after the school hours, I'm meeting up with Alison for coffee. This is good because Alison is in the middle of planning her wedding and I love hearing about it.

Aha, and now it's after ten and I'm late!

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