Monday, February 25, 2008

What is it with Cats and Dirt Piles?

First of all, thanks to all who responded to my last post! You can all keep it going if you want. Like I said, I wasn't trying to start fights, and I personally didn't want to take positions (on the blog anyway) but I thought it would be an interesting thing to put out there and see what kind of responses came.

So, anyway, back to the subject of this post. When I was little and my mom would sweep the kitchen floor she'd always get so annoyed by the cats who would come along and roll in her little dirt piles. I thought she was mean for getting mad at the cats. I thought, if it'd been me, I would make the little piles of dirt especially FOR the cats to roll around in. Well. Then I grew up. And I got my own kitchen floor. And a cat. How annoying!!!!! Not only does he think that me getting out the broom is an invitation for some kind of "eat the broom" game, but he won't stay away from the piles!!!!! If there are big pieces of dirt (dog food) in the piles, he bats them away, back across the kitchen floor. If there are only little dirts, he rolls around in them as if they are a cozy blanket. What a weirdo!!! So anyway, now I totally know why my mom was so annoyed all those years when she'd sweep the floor with those blasted cats around.

This would be a fabulous winter if Martin didn't spend half his life driving up and down 231. It's like a game of roulette every two or three days. "Will today be the day Martin slides on the road and gets squashed by a semi?" And people drive like absolute IDIOTS in the snow. When he was coming home on Friday when it was so incredibly slick and snowing so hard, somebody passed him IN A NO PASSING ZONE. ?!?!?!? Sane people don't do that in good weather, let alone in a snowstorm!!! He said he'd text me in Linden and Romney to let me know he was okay, since the driving in the towns is easier and so slow, and his texts read: "I'm in Linden. The roads are great!" and "I'm in Romney. Still great!" Then he got home safely and told me about how slick it was and how many accidents and slide-offs he saw. And while he was driving home Perkins called me to tell me she'd slid off 65 and into some trees. What a mess!!! So it's a shame that this winter will go down in my personal history as kind of a bad one, since I do usually love winter so much.

Perkins was here this weekend! As was Ryan Hill. They came over to our house at the same time. I love it when Perkins is in town because we can just sit around and drink tea and eat cookies and talk about stupid stuff till the cows come home. Lucky me--she'll be home next weekend too!!

I am so happy with the way our bedroom looks since I cleaned it up and rearranged it. It seriously looks so nice, and just like us. It took us awhile to feel at home in this house since we moved into as an already furnished place. But little by little we've made it much more "us" and I can safely say I am happy with pretty much the majority of the house. However, it will be nice when we get a couch for our front room. Last night Martin brought over one of the trunks he had in his bedroom at his mom's house and that's in the bedroom now to be used for socks and underwears. Using it every day will ensure that it doesn't get covered in stuff, which is important.

Rosary group is this morning. Anja is asleep and I've got the house pretty much cleaned up. Thanks to Martin for cleaning up the Courage Corner again! Sadly, I am wearing a shirt that used to be enormous on me and now is not-so-much enormous. I like breastfeeding--I don't adore it like some people, but I like it--but there will be some major advantages to being done with it. Like being able to button my shirts, and eat cheese. (Of course, if I eat too much cheese, I still won't be able to button my shirts, ha ha ha!)


Jill said...

wearing a regular non-nursing bra is a major plus too! I personally can't wait for that day.

Annie said...

Yeah!!! And I have some really cute ones that I miss so much!!!!! And they won't be all lumpy with nursing pads in them!

Anonymous said...

Slowly, but surely, Annie, you are turning into me....I told you so....Bwaaahaaahaaaa!
Yo Mama