Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Good vs. Evil (the prequel) 2003


Today I randomly remembered a video tape in the back of our video cabinet that was labeled "Annie & Friends 2003" in my mom's writing. On the top, in Tim Brisco's writing, it's labeled "the prequel to Good vs. Evil." I put it in with only a fuzzy memory of what was on it. Something about Iguana Woman and Chicken Man, (OBVIOUSLY,) but I couldn't remember the details.


It mostly takes place in my parents' pre-addition house, complete with a drunken snow shoveling scene in the driveway. Then it moves to Tim's house, and his little brother is in it. Emily has a cameo, Perkins has one line, and Martin is the videographer. He doesn't say anything until the very end when he does the interviews. And that's how we have on tape me telling Martin that there should've been a more passionate love scene. He says "why don't you do the love scene?" and I tell him, "I don't DO love scenes." And I'm sure I said it right at him because that was the year I hated him the absolute most.

I really wish I knew of a way to put that on You Tube. Also, there's a fantastic phone conversation between Chicken Man (Joel Presti) and Iguana Woman (Lisa Loew) that's hilarious. In all honesty, the detective parts (me and Tim) are pretty lame. Another thing that's pretty lame is my haircut, but that was a complete accident. Very bad luck.

We had so much FUN during our Christmas breaks!!!!!!!!!! I am jealous of my own life!!

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Anne said...

You're funny. Ask Martin how to upload it to youtube so we can all see it!