Sunday, February 17, 2008

A Marvelous Weekend

What a fun weekend we had! We didn't even do much... but things just for some reason seemed extra fun. I can't really remember yesterday; we hung out with Matt and I picked up a movie that Martin had put on hold for us on the library, so we started watching it after dinner. For lunch we ate leftover pot roast and it was yummy. Sometimes I like leftover pot roast better even than fresh. Then today we made attempts to go to both the 7:30 and the 9:30 mass, didn't make it to either and ended up driving up to Monticello for the 10:15. Afterward we drove the road across from the cottages to finally see the flood damage for ourselves. How creepy! We were going to go to our houses, but the amount of water coming over the dam at the time was amazingly huge, and Martin was afraid that the water would come up over the low part in the road while we were there and that we wouldn't be able to get out. I had the same thought. So we drove the other road, which I think was just as good. It's really creepy... we saw a teddy bear stuck in a tree. Nothing is where it should be. There are mattresses everywhere, and lawn furniture up in trees, and everything is just bizzarely out of place. Very weird.

When we got home the sun was shining and it was 55 degrees, so we strapped Anja in a sling, leashed up Baxter and went for a walk! Unfortunately, as it always happens, as soon as we left the house it got REEAALLY windy, and it was especially windy on the bridge. So we got to the middle of the bridge and turned around. Not too bad for a February walk with a baby. When we got home we watched the rest of our movie, then stopped by my parents' house so Martin could meet MY MOM'S NEW PUPPY (pictures eventually) on our way to Crawfordsville where he was going to make calls for the evening. Kind of funny... Mrs. Schap was in Ireland so one day when it was Annie Car Day but I'd been up late with Anja Lasagna, Martin drove her car to work and I picked him up at the end of the day. So her car was still there this weekend and the plan was for me to drive him down and he'd drive back in her car. Well, the THOUGHT he had the keys in his pocket when he left, but they actually were still in the pocket of a coat in the trunk of our car. So I drove back home with them! I had plans to go to the Cook's house for dessert, which I did... but shortly after I got there, Martin called and explained his predicament, so Tara and I strapped our babies in and drove down to Crawfordsville to rescue Martino. It was fun!

The only bad thing about making the drive down there is that Anja slept the whole time. So now it's midnight and she is wide awake and extraordinarily happy. However, she seems to be learning a lot this evening. First, she has figured out that she can touch stuff with her hand. She was completely enthralled by her little turtle on her swing. She'd reach out and grab it over and over again! So cute! And now it seems she's learned to scoot around. I put her under her jungle friends, but she is nowhere near the spot where I put her down ten minutes ago. It's really very cute. She still doesn't roll over, but I think she might be close. I'm not sure.

And that's my weekend! Tomorrow is rosary group. I really hope Anja goes to sleep soon so I can also go to sleep. She's just having so much fun right now though!

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