Tuesday, February 19, 2008

On Schedules

I think it's interesting that no matter what time Anja goes to sleep at night, she wakes up every morning at roughly 8:00, stays awake for an hour or so, and then goes down for her morning nap. Now, the length of her nap varies--she could sleep an hour, or for the rest of the day. But she always wakes up at the same general time every morning, and is always really happy. Last night she went to sleep around 10:00, woke up around 11:00 (we weren't asleep yet, so I hardly even count it as getting up with her) and then slept for seven hours! She ate at 6:30ish and went right back to sleep, and woke up at 8:00 her usual happy morning self. I brought her in bed with me, and she was soooooo happy. She likes to be in our bed, but she never falls asleep there, she just likes to play.

Okay, not to go on and on about my most gorgeous child, but she is being so cute right now under her jungle animals with the music on! She's kicking her legs, and squealing, and "ooo"ing and pooping all at the same time!!! She has the hugest smile that makes her face bunch up like an old person. She smiles so big her eyes disappear completely.

Last night we went to dinner with Mrs. Schap and this crazy friendly man from Wisconsin came up and fell in love with Anja. He took her off to show to his friends a few tables over. He told us all about his grandbabies and that he travels a lot and is always looking for babies about their age so he can hold them and miss them. Isn't that cute?

Mrs. Schap sent over a bag of clothes the other day and there were the most adorable paisley print OshKosh overalls right on top. She wore them yesterday for rosary group, and then pooed through them right after everyone left! There are some really cute dresses in the bag too and I hope they still fit her when the weather gets warm.

Ooo, Anna just called and she's coming over to do some laundry!

Yesterday when I woke up and came downstairs before rosary group I found that Martino had cleaned up the house for me! Washed the dishes, put away the ironing board, cleaned up his "Courage Corner" for us. So nice!

Maybe I'll post again later if anything exciting happens.


Anne said...

She sure is a cutie. I just wish Charles and she could be real life playmates...sigh.

Anne said...

and charles has a routine too - only his involves waking up a 6 - i prefer anja's wake up time...

Annie said...

Aha, but Anja doesn't go to bed until 11:00 or midnight most nights. And I would prefer getting to bed earlier and waking earlier!! Maybe we should trade babies?!

And, I know, I wish they could be playmates too.