Thursday, October 9, 2008


Martin got home around 4:00 today which was a nice treat! We had time to take a family walk and hang out with our friend Matt for awhile before dinner. Anja had taken a good, solid nap this afternoon (and I happily joined her!) so she was good to go for the evening, though she started acting a little sleepy toward 6:30. I was hoping to get dinner made so that Anja could eat with us, but things just didn't go quickly enough. I ended up taking a few potatoes out of the pot early and mashing them up for her. She wasn't too interested in them anyway. Then Martin drove her to sleep while I stayed home and my sister and her family came over to deliver my birthday present, which is a delicious blueberry cheesecake that I have not yet enjoyed... but believe me, I will!

So anyway, while I was peeling and chopping potatoes, I cut my thumb. Not a rare occurance by any means. I just held a towel on it and kept chopping, telling Martin that the process would be only slightly slowed by my injury. When I was finished chopping, however, I did ask him to put a bandaid on my thumb because I didn't want to get salt in it because that hurts. Okay, this cut was like a paper cut. NOT BAD. Martin put the bandaid over my cut, but misseed a good portion of it so it's still kind of showing. Then he insisted on wrapping my whole thumb with athletic tape. So now I look like I've had some sort of major hand operation when really I've got a very minor cut--which is still visible because it's poking out from underneath the bandaid! It's a good thing he didn't persue medical school. We'd be in real trouble.

My day was uneventful. It's good to have Martin home for the weekend but he'll be leaving early on Sunday to drive to Wisconsin, so that's a little bit poopy. No real plans for the weekend but next week I've got to start putting our Halloween costumes together! It's just around the corner!


Anne said...

This year it will be my turn for my belly to go as a big giant pumpkin!!! :o)

Michelle said...

Whenever I am pregnant I cut my hands often. It has become a joke really. The other day I sliced my finger and we all started wondering...