Monday, October 13, 2008

Putting Off Chores

Blah. I got to go over to Mary Sheiko's house this morning and hang out with her and that was fun. Colette is so funny and cute. Anja enjoyed stealing all Colette's toys from her and then drooling on them.

But now I'm home and I have a headache and I'm tired but I can't afford to take a nap because I have so much housework to do. I often feel like when I clean the house I just make a bigger mess than I started with. I definitely feel that way after our de-junking spree this weekend. Not only did we not finish the task, but now our big room is full of empty boxes and trash bags and stuff that at least used to be pushed against the wall, even if it was junking up the room. Ugh. And I have ZERO motivation to move any of it right now.

Last night when I was messing around on the internet waiting to hear that Martin had made it safely to his poopy hotel in poopy Wisconsin, I got a couple of surprises. The first surprise was when a huge black spider came crawling down the back of the chair right beside me. YIKES! We've had a real run of these guys lately.. it's terrible. I HATE SPIDERS. I think snakes are interesting, but spiders should never have been invented. Especially the big ones. Every fall I forget about this little side-effect. Anyway, I squashed it and sat back down to continue my computering (this time I sat on the coffee table instead of the chair) and I got my second surprise as the box beside me began to move, and out popped Theodore!! Hahaha. I love my cat.

After Anja was born and my sister was still going to be pregnant for a long time more, I passed on the box-o-maternity clothes with all my new ones added in. Little did I know I'd never see them again!! *sniffle* Now I'm reduced to wearing togas because none of my regular clothes fit and I have no maternity clothes at all. *sigh* She says she can't find them. If it were a sock I would understand, but how does someone lose three boxes of oversized clothing?!

Hopefully this public ridicule will inspire her to do another search. Tee hee hee!!! :) :) :)

Okay. I might just give in and go join Anja for her nap. I guess the housework will still be needing done tomorrow.


Sarah said...

Sheesh! You're grumpy! What's wrong with togas??? I bet the Romans never complained.

I'm kidding. I am actually paying you back for taking so long to give them to me last time. Seriously, I'll find them soon. Maybe I'll even climb into the attic myself!

Anne said...

Uh-oh...maybe I shouldn't have loaned my maternity clothes out to Laura! :o)

Definitely take the nap. Like you said the housework will be there tomorrow and when you're pregnant you get special privleges!

Good luck with the clothing search!!