Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Big Pumpkin Plans

Martin and I have been dreaming big lately. He's up in Wisconsin, driving through beautiful rural landscape while I'm here pricing wood stoves on Craigslist and wishing Karenin had room to run. Today he drove through a huge wind farm and he said it was amazing. He's also been passing a lot of really old barns--the kind with stone bases. He calls me about every ten minutes to tell me some great piece of farmland he's seen. And it makes me soooooooooo jealous.
So, I had a brilliant idea. After he told me that Wisconsin is a good place to grow cranberries, I said we ought to start a cranberry farm. (As if I have the slightest idea of what goes into having a cranberry farm...) That was yesterday. Oddly enough, today he read in the local paper up there that Ocean Spray is asking all the cranberry farms in Wisconsin to expand because of the "increased global demand for cranberries"!!! I thought this was our perfect opportunity, but then Martin told me that harvesting cranberries involves wading through bogs and a whole lot of hard work, and he suggested an alternative: pumpkins!

So now our plan is to buy a piece of relatively local land around here, build ourselves a log house (another thing we've been reeealllyyy wanting to do) and have a pumpkin/christmas tree farm. Wouldn't that be GREAT?!?! Pumpkins in the fall, trees in the winter, and the rest of the year a regular job of some sort and a lot of coziness in the country. Of course, we're locked into this house for at least another few years... but hey, maybe some long-lost relative will die and leave us a fortune. Ha. Ha.

Or maybe! Someone rich person who stumbles upon this blog will say, "Wow, I have all this money and no one to give it too. I'll give it to Martin and Annie so they can make their dreams come true, as long as they promise to give me free pumpkins and Christmas trees for the rest of my life." Well, Mr. Millionaire, it's a deal!


Anonymous said...

I like how you ended with Anja's adorable face to close up the deal with Mr Millionaire.

I think it takes awhile to get a Christmas tree farm up and running so as to be profitable... You might want to make friends with some elderly Christmas tree farmers and see if they'll just leave their farm to you.

Annie said...

You know, funnily enough, the thought of GROWING the trees had never crossed my mind! Ha!

Also, I don't think Mr. Millionaire would leave me his whole fortune, but he might pay for my schooling after reading a post that was so incredibly full of spelling and grammatical errors!

LauraSuz said...

Anja is looking older and older with every picture you post!