Thursday, October 23, 2008

Baby Views

I think it's funny (or maybe just obnoxious) the way other people interpret things about Anja. One example is that the other day she was wearing a cute red corduroy jumper. It was not anything fancy, and in fact, I hadn't bothered to change her after lunch so she had soup spilled all down the front of her. But when we went through the checkout at Target, the clerk marvelled at how "dressed up" she was. How do other people dress their kids? Not at all? Seriously, she wasn't wearing anything special. It's not like she was wearing a poofy party dress and bows in her hair. It might've been something slightly special that she'd kept her shoes on for the whole car ride to the store, but overall, she just looked like a very typical baby girl in a very typical corduroy jumper.

Then today I was at the grocery store (again in the checkout line) and I don't know if I've mentioned this, but Anja REALLY likes to ride in a grocery cart. Well today she was in a super good mood so as we went through the store she was shouting. Very happily, just shouting, then she'd smile or something... but she was very clearly NOT upset. But in the checkout line, the clerk kept making a big deal about it saying things like "at least it's not a really high pitched scream" and then she gave her a sticker and said "that usually keeps kids occupied for a little while at least." Occupied? She didn't need anything to occupy or distract her. She was perfectly content to sit in the cart and yell. And yes, she was being kind of loud, but it's not like she was throwing a hissy fit, nor were there any more than about 10 people in the entire store since it was 9:30 in the morning. It was so weird! And THEN the dumb clerk made a big deal when Anja put the sticker in her mouth. Well, what did you expect her to do, lady?!

Then there's my favorite: When people think she's a boy. I can't believe how often I'll take her out in some over-the-top girlie outfit and people will come up and ask how old "he" is. I tell them, "She's actually a girl" and they always act surprised. Does she really look that manish? I mean, she doesn't have beard. She doesn't have huge biceps. Granted she is bald, but still... she's got freaking earrings! AND SHE ALWAYS WEARS PINK!!! Yesterday I went to the yarn store and I walked there with Anja in the Ergo carrier. For the day she was wearing a pink corduroy dress with embroidered flowers on it, pink, brown, and tan stripey tights, and these cute brown soft booties with embroidered flowers on them. Since it was chilly, I put her jacket on her: a pink-lined sweater knitted in pinks, whites, oranges, and greens. VERY girlie. Also, on her head I put her pinke and purple hat with the big pink pom-pom on top. So while I'm standing there at the bargain bin wearing her, the ladies knitting on the couch behind me say, "Did you make all the things that little guy's wearing?"


SHE'S ENTIRELY DRESSED IN PINK, PEOPLE!!!!!!!! And if she is by chance ever wearing blue jeans with her pink shirt, socks, shoes, etc., they almost always have ruffles or embroidered flowers, or at least pleats!! SOMETHING to make them girlie!!! WHAT MORE CAN I DO?!?! I HAVE A DAUGHTER! NOT A SON!!! YOU'RE ALL DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!!!!!


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Anne said...

That's interesting because I've been thinking about that a little bit with a baby girl on the way. Everyone just seemed to assume that Charles was a boy. In fact, I don't remember correcting anyone a single time. I thought that it would probably be a bit different with a girl...don't know why though, especially when she's wearing a dress, etc. And my girl will spend A LOT of time in dresses, too!!! :o)