Saturday, October 4, 2008

There's Been and Nuclear Spill...

...IN MY NOSE!!!!!!

I've heard that bright green snot means you've got a sinus infection but I've also heard that a sinus infection makes you feel absolutely horrible, and I feel pretty good except for the stuffed up nose, so I'm not going to assume I've got anything like that.

It's going to be kind of a weird/hectic/long-yet-short weekend for us. Today is a normal Saturday but tomorrow Martin goes to Evansville and I have a meeting at TAF in the afternoon. I am worried about what I'll do with Anja! I can't decide if I'm going to just take her with me or see if she'll stay with my mom... I HAVE to go to the meeting though because I skipped all of them last year. I'm such a bad committee member. Then Martin is not traveling far on Monday so he'll spend Sunday night at home and will only be in Clinton County on Monday. He'll be home in time to take me out to dinner for my barfday! We're going to go to Robert's Americus Catfish place. It's a special date spot for us--he took me there the Valentines Day when we were dating. So that should be fun and then we're meeting up with our families for ice cream afterward. Then he'll stay home on Monday night and on Tuesday he'll travel and stay in a hotel for that night and Wednesday. So it'll be kind of a weird week.

This morning we all three snuggled in bed for about an hour. It was adorable... Anja was snuggled down between us and she was wide awake so she just talked and talked, but she must've been so warm and cozy becuase she didn't try to get up for a long time. She woke up a lot last night, which was a bummer. However, at the beginning of the night she actually fell asleep by herself after drinking a bottle. She just turned over and fell asleep. It was so cute. And kind of a miracle.

After we eventually got up (after 8:00!) Anja got dressed in cute clothes while Martin and I looked so scrubby and we went over to Vienna for chai. Who should come in shortly after we sat down but our friend Matt! So that was kind of fun. Now Martin's walking the [horrible] dog and I'm not doing the dishes like I told myself I would. Ugh. Why am I so unmotivated? There aren't even very many.

Last night we went to dinner at the Arni's in Lebanon which is a very cute Arni's. Much less scummy than the ones around Lafayette. Anja had chicken & dumpling soup. I ate one piece of chicken and about three spoonfuls of broth and she ate the whole rest of the bowl. It was amazing. I think Pat and Joe were very impressed by her eating abilities.

Our dog keeps running away now. She used to get out the gate but since I put the log in front of it now she just jumps the fence. It's sooooooo annoying. She doesn't even go anywhere--she just walks across the alley to see the neighbor dog, but she won't come when I call her and when I go to her she runs away. Grrr.... So now we're back to escorting her into the yard and if she still keeps it up we'll be back to leash-bound potty trips.

Okay, this was a pretty worthless post. Time to do the dishes.


Anonymous said...

Do you think the Arni's at Market Square is scummy? I kind of like that is the original.
I would be happy to keep Anja tomorrow or I could just come with you to the meeting and sit outside in that little waiting room in case she wants you.
PS Some week-end soon we need to have a work day at the cottage and work together to clean up the things that we saved and that need to be cleaned before they can go back inside. I would really like to do it before it gets cold.

Elisabeth said...

Happy birthday tomorrow!!! I hope you feel better.

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