Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I'm Turning Into a Hampster!

My mom invited Anja and me out to Petsmart with her this afternoon! Luckily, she called only about 15 minutes after Anja woke up from her nap, so it was perfect timing and Anja was in a great mood. We beat my mom there, so we spent some time looking at the kittens. I loved them. All of them. There weren't many dogs in the store, except for the few being groomed, but Anja likes to look at everything, so we enjoyed the fish and the birds, and the one little hampster that was awake. When we got home from our little outing, I looked in the mirror and was embarrassed that Martin would be coming home in a few hours and I looked like Superfrump. So I changed my clothes into a much cuter outfit, including my wonderful purple scarf from last winter, which had been put away paired with my wonderful brown coat, aka Christmas Present from Martin. Well, then I went someplace else, I don't remember where, and I kept thinking, "wow, I really took home the Petsmart smell with me. I smell like a hampster cage." Then I thought that I hadn't really noticed such an overwhelming smell when I'd been IN the store. Finally, I figured out (after an embarrassingly long time) that the smell was my scarf, which had been paired with the coat, which was hanging with a cedar chip hanger board inside it. Ha! I'm such a moron!

Earlier tonight I was talking on the phone with Martin who was on the road. While I was talking to him, I was eating some Chocolate Raspberry Truffle ice cream straight out of the container. Here's our conversation:
Annie: "I'm eating ice cream straight out of the container. It's no wonder I'm so fat."
Martin: "Yeah..."
[long pause.]
Martin: "Um... I didn't mean that. I was just paying close attention to the speed limit signs."

That was kind of amusing.

I really wish that Anja didn't need to be driven to sleep so often, because I really enjoy snuggling her to sleep at night. Tonight she and I cuddled in her bed, and she'd brought one of her rubber ducks to bed with her, and Theodore was in the room so he came and snuggled us too, and it was so wonderful and cozy. I hope that starts to happen more often. Maybe Anja won't like the car rides so much when it's cold outside. We can hope.

Today I called her a "funny duck" and she started quacking. It was SO CUTE.

Now I'm eating chicken and rice for dinner, then going to bed.


Anonymous said...

Annie: I had lots of fun at Petsmart today, too. I think I will get Anja one of those fish with the sticky out cheeks and one of the ones with the brains on the outside. Between the two of them they should drive her absolutely mad! Since I can't get her a kitten.

Love Mama

Caitie said...

Funny story: You know when you blogged on Martin's blog a looong time ago about you needing to get into shape or whatever? Well, I didn't read it closely and I thought Martin had written all those things! I was like, "(GASP!) What a jack---!!" LOL Laura cleared it up for me.. :) Poor Martin! lol

Anne said...

Ha,ha,ha! That's interchange with Martin was funny! :o) You're such a good wife to change into nice clothes and such for Martin when he's coming home. Sigh. I'm usually already in my pjs when Peter gets home...

Justin. said...

That was a funny blog. I always say the worng things to my sister and boy she lets me know it lol BUT IT'S COOL!!!!! :-)

LauraSuz said...

Yeah, no kidding about looking cute for Martin! How nice of you!! Dan usually finds me taking a nap when he gets home.