Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Long Lost Friends

Well, it's official. Anja is weaned. Earlier than I would have chosen, had I gotten the choice, but I'm sure she'll grow up to be a perfectly normal adult without having breastfed through her first birthday. It's not like I could've stopped it anyway--I kept offering, but she finally must've decided it wasn't worth the trouble for the few drops she got and she stopped accepting my invitations. I might not have had enough milk to keep her satisfied, but I must've had something because she's been weaned for about four days now and yesterday I was soooooooo sore. I'm all better today, and I am quickly realizing all of the benefits that come with not breastfeeding anymore. The first one dawned on me this morning: MY OLD BRAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a hanger full of really cute bras that have been hanging, neglected, in my closet for the past eleven months. I AM SO EXCITED TO HAVE THEM BACK. I don't even care that some of them are kind of a squeeze to get into... it's totally worth it. I'd just kept wearing my nursing bras for the last couple days because they were what was hanging on the bathroom door. But no more ugly, non-padded bras for me!!! This is a very exciting day.

Sadly, that really is the biggest news around here. Another reason it's good to be done nursing is because I'm not nearly as hungry anymore. I have never known hunger like what I experienced in the first months of this pregnancy while I was nursing Anja too. Oh my goodness. It was incredible! I might have exaggerated to say I was "eating constantly" sometimes in my life, but during that time, it was the honest to goodness truth. I'd have one meal after another. I couldn't get over my hunger! It was amazing! But I'm glad it's over. It's expensive to eat all the time.

Anja and I haven't gone on many walks lately since the weather got hot again, but today is feeling much cooler already. We did take a short walk around the Village today and popped into Von's, but it was nothing worthwhile. Maybe when she wakes up from her nap we'll take a walk around downtown and look at all the trees. It really is looking like Fall all of a sudden. I drove down Happy Hollow Hill on my way home and it was really great.

There are little spots in town that I really like. One of them is 5th Street. They have a lot of little brick row houses that are cute, and one really magnificant house on the corner of 5th and Cincinnati that I absolutely adore. It's a nice clean, quiet street and I really like it. I also like Salisbury Street and the neighborhoods around it. I don't think I'd ever really want to live on the West Side, but there are some super cute houses over there. And since it's all hippies and college students over there it seems so quiet and safe. I really like it.

Something must be on fire--there are a ton of emergency vehicle sirens outside. In fact, they woke up Anja!

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Anne said...

I know what you mean about breastfeeding hunger!!! I was constantly hungry, too, especially at first. I think I just kind of got used to it after all awhile or something, but man having never experienced that before it was crazy!