Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wiggle, Wiggle

I had a doctor appointment this morning, and took Anja with me. She was AWESOME. Totally smiley at everyone and through the whole appointment (which was slightly prolonged because he couldn't find the hearbeat, and even though the baby was clearly still alive and well by the way my belly was flopping around, he brought in the ultrasound machine to get a heartrate anyway) she just sat on the floor looking at her animal book and playing with my wallet. She's so good! I guess it's no wonder she's such a crappy sleeper... if she were perfect at night she'd be too good to be true!

Speaking of her sleep though, we are making progress. Not so much in STAYING asleep, but in GOING to sleep, she is making improvements. For the past two nights I've been able to put her down by walking her around the dining room, singing. This is amazing. We haven't been able to successfully walk her to sleep since she was probably three months old. She used to only nurse to sleep or be driven, and once she was weaned she's just changed her constant eating habits to a bottle. I'm reeeaaallllyyy hoping this lasts, because it is SO much cozier to walk and snuggle a baby to sleep than to drive or feed her to sleep with a bottle. And I LOVE it when kids fall asleep on your shoulder, and you can tell the moment they do because suddenly the just go limp and heavy on you. It's so adorable! And we have a giant mirror in our dining room so I can see her cute little sleeping face, and her fat cheeks all squished up against my shoulder. I love it! She's so cute!

I can't believe tomorrow is Halloween. It feels like it should be later in the year than it is... October has gone by surprisingly slowly for me. I feel like I should be gearing up for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but really I need to wash our bear costumes and find some buckets or pillow cases to collect our Halloween loot. I think we're going to skip the traditional walking around the neighborhood and just go to all our friends and family who'd like to see Anja. Since she doesn't care how much candy she gets, it'd be more fun to be able to see more people we know.

This weekend will be pretty laid back except for some major housework needing to be done before next weekend, which is Anja's birthday party. The back room will definitely not be in order by then, so maybe we can figure out a way to close it off and let the rest of our house be open. I really need to do a deep clean of the kitchen before then too....

Okay, instead of rambling on about all this garbage on my blog, I think I'll hang it up and get to work!


LauraSuz said...
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LauraSuz said...

I love it when babies fall asleep on my shoulder. It reminds me of a time when the Neuliebs were living up in Portage and we were sleeping on the futon. I heard C crying so Anne woke up and was walking him. I told her I would walk him if she wanted. She gladly accepted (this was during her first trimester of her correct pregnancy) and I walked and walked with Charles till he was heavy as could be and laid him back in his crib. So anyway, yes, I love that too!

That was me above - a lot of typo's

LauraSuz said...

Oh my gosh - current not correct! Whoa.