Friday, October 3, 2008

Lights Out / Mullet Be Gone

Evidently the downtown area was having a little power outage issue last night. After dinner our lights went off and then came right back on again. Then later in the night before we'd gone to bed the lights all went out and it was soooo dark. We found our flashlights and I went to bed while Martin finished his workout and the lights stayed out for maybe an hour. I still don't know what was going on but it seemed to be something around the hotel. Hm. I should check the JCOnline and see if it says anything.

Anja has gotten into the habit of taking three naps a day: A morning nap shortly after she wakes up, a good afternoon nap like a normal baby, and then another evening nap around 4:00 or 5:00. This means that she's staying up later and staying happier longer. This means that we're able to have a social life again! This means we can spend our evenings together as a family! I'm very happy with this new development and I really think it's helping her to sleep better at night too. Anyway, because of her new nap schedule, she didn't wake up last night until after Martin and I had finished dinner. So we loaded her in the stroller and took a walk over the bridge to Great Clips where I got my mullet chopped off. Hooray! My hair is very short still, but it's a much better style than what it was. And hopefully now it will grow out evenly and cutely. After the haircut we met our friend Matt out for coffee at Starbucks. I got their new Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate. It was delicious!! Really salty!! I loved it!! We like to meet Matt at the Levee Starbucks because it's a quick walk for us and during the school year Vienna gets so crowded with students. Also, we sat at the corner table by the window and Anja was happy to play on the floor and yell at the wall the whole time.

This morning I was going to head over to the license branch to get my license renewed but Anja was practicing her Large Prehistoric Animal noises and I didn't feel I could leave the house without people giving us weird looks. She was so happy, but you wouldn't have guessed it by the sounds she was making. It was pretty hilarious, but best to keep it inside. Maybe in the afternoon she will be a little more mellow and we can try again.

My chili turned out great last night, I was so pleased. And my neighbor Tara sent over the delicious cornbread side. Yum!

Tomorrow is the Penn State vs. Purdue game, which means that Joe and Pat Mooney are in town. We're going out to dinner with them tonight. I'm really looking forward to seeing them--they are such nice people.


Elisabeth said...

I need to hear those prehistoric noises...sounds hysterical! You just need to teach her how to make her hands/arms be like a velociraptor so people will get what she's doing! ;) lol

Annie said...

Seriously! That is exactly what she sounds like. And her expression when she's making the noise is priceless.