Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hello, Baby!

The ultrasound this morning was great! I think it was done to find out how far along I am because the doctor and I were unsure about it. (I said one thing, he said another.) Now I don't know who was closer to being right, but I'm thinking we were both wrong so it doesn't matter. Anyway, it was great. I had no idea that they do the 3D/4D ultrasounds at the Women's Clinic! They didn't have those at Arnett, and it was a total surprise this morning to get one. IT'S SO COOL!!! I'm only a little more than 15 weeks pregnant but we could see the little dumpling's face perfectly!! EVEN NOSTRILS!!!! My favorite part about ultrasounds is counting the fingers and toes. Somehow it makes me think everything will be fine as long as he's got all his fingers and toes. And he's got all his vital organs too, another somewhat important part.

She asked if I wanted to sneak a peek between the legs, but I told her we'd like to be surprised. With Anja I was much more tempted to find out, I think mostly because I so much wanted her to be a girl. But in the end I'm SO glad I didn't, because that was the best part about her being born. I mean, except for meeting her and all that obvious stuff. So this time I'm looking forward to the moment-of-birth surprise.

Have I mentioned the names we've chosen? If it's a boy we're going to do a cool twist on a few modern names: Shacayden. And if it's a girl we're taking a classic name and turning it modern by using an alternate spelling: Lynnduh. Kind of like the "j" in Anja's name!

Okay, that last paragraph was a joke. We're actually not going modern at all. For a boy there was a debate for awhile between the names John Francis (Anja's boy name) and Edward Martin (Martin's name reversed and a family tradition) but in the end I had no strong opinion so I left it entirely up to Martin and he finally chose to stick with John Francis. Fran! I love it. And a little girl we will call Greta Jane! Not the original name we had chosen for our second daughter but we both kind of fell head-over-heels when we found the name Greta in a baby name book.

I'm making chili today for the first time ever! I think it's a perfect day for it. Martin will be home at his usual time tonight and our neighbor Doug is on a business trip till Saturday so Tara and I are having a collaborative meal: I'm making the chili, she's making the corn bread. I might suggest a chilly picnic on her patio, but it'll depend on how chilly it actually is when dinnertime comes!

Karenin figured out how to open the back gate this afternoon so I had to put a giant log in front of it so she can't get it open anymore. Crazy dog!

I'm turning twenty-five on Monday, which means I have to get a new drivers license. I am completely bummed about this for a number of reasons. First of all, my current license picture is ADORABLE. Second, I remember so well the day we went to get our new licenses shortly after we were married. It was so exciting! And we were using our new house address and I signed my married name for the first time. And aside from those things, I'm horrified that my current haircut is going to be immortalized on my drivers license. YIKES! I'm going to get a trim before I get my license, no matter what, but still. I miss my long hair. I know they usually take your old license but I'm going to ask them if I can keep mine as a souvenier of my honeymoon. They probably won't let me, but it's worth a shot.


LauraSuz said... got to count fingers and toes! I’m melting…so cute.

Yours has me SOOO excited for mine! I have to wait a couple weeks though. I promise every time I comment it won't come back to me.

Anne said...

Oh, I'd love to have one of those 3D/4D ultrasounds. Lucky you! And I'm glad everything looks good!

baby names said...

WOW that 4d ultrasound image looks amazing. I don't think its available at our local hospital.

Hope everything goes well for you.

Caitie said...

|Ahhh! So cute! |Wow they are hi-tech in there!! |I think at one point, my mom came home with a picture that the doctor just sketched! |That's incredible!|

My mouth literally dropped open when you said Shacaydn lol!! You got me, girl! LOL

Elisabeth said...

What a great use of technology for good... perhaps more use of this will get undecided mothers to choose life instead...!
And I vote for Shacaydan... lol... no, I like the real names you've chosen--you definitely don't hear them every day, which is nice.

Anne said...

Oh yeah. I like the names too but I'm still kind of partial to Mavis Jane...if I had known you weren't going to use it maybe I could have convinced Peter. Darn it! :o)

Annie said...

TRY NOW, ANNE!! It's not too late!! Martin's final argument against Mavis was that it didn't fit with all the other names we like. Sooo... it's being saved for a pet Bassett Hound somewhere down the line. *sigh* Oh well!

Jill said...

The name Mavis reminds me of Mavis Beacon. Maybe if you name your girl Mavis she'll be really good at typing.