Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Weekend's End

I just sent Martin off toward Evansville with a good chunk of homemade pumpkin bread and... well, that's about it. He'll be popping back through town on Tuesday, so that'll break up the week nicely, and then this coming weekend should be loads of fun... followed by THE LAST WEEK OF THE TRAVEL SEASON!!!!!! Joy!Joy!Joy! This season went by so much faster than last year. Partly because it was a few weeks shorter, and partly because I'm not waiting on a baby to arrive. If you'll recall last fall, Martin had been home from St. Louis for only about 8 hours before my water broke. He's done with the super-far travel now, and next week he'll just be in Indy and up around the Northern parts of Indiana. Not so bad!

On Friday I think we ate Bounty Rice (Martin's fave) then took a nice walk over the bridge. Saturday night after a long day of work, during which I felt like I did absolutely nothing, we did the same. I also made beef vegetable soup on Saturday, which will probably be our most popular dinner of the winter this year. Anja loves everything in it, as do I, as does Martin, AND it has the added benefit of making the house smell delicious. So everybody wins. Plus, one big pot can last days and days. I should learn how to make minestrone soup.... yum...

I have recently cleaned up Anja's room, but it became a disaster area again today when we took the crib apart and moved it upstairs and set up the cute twin bed in it's place. Eventually every room will look great, but for now it looks like we're living in a whole house full of storage rooms. It's frustrating, but I know it'll improve soon. We did take a lot of stuff to Goodwill and have started a second box bound for the same place. I know it'll all get sorted out eventually.

This morning I woke up at 7:00 to see Martin fast asleep with his alarm clock in his hand. Needless to say, we didn't make it to the 7:30 mass today. We went to the 10:00 at St. Ann's where we sat in the choir loft, which I found VERY cozy and MUCH less distracting than sitting downstairs! I've never even been up there before today, but I really liked it. Anja slept through most of the mass, amazingly enough.

One thing that did turn up while overturning our house and de-junking were the two coupons for a free brunch at the Trails that we got when we were engaged! I'd misplaced them, I think before we even got married. But we'd found them, so we thought that'd be a nice thing to do together since our weekend had been kind of short and lame. It was really nice! Anja was super happy the whole time and it's so much easier to go to restaurants with her now that she can eat pretty much anything. Afterward we went out back and walked down one of the trails that runs along Burnetts Creek. That was really nice too, and it made a very enjoyable Sunday morning.

Anja was so happy when we got back to town that we took her to Petsmart. YAY! She looooves that place. We needed dog food and cat food and dish soap--so we also ran down to Kmart and got dish soap. When we came out, we had a quarter, so we put her on that electric horse ride! HAHAHA!! SHE LOVED IT!!! And I couldn't stop laughing. It was awesome.

Back at home we did a little more household work, then Martin took off a little more than an hour ago. Later than he'd wanted, but we did have a nice day together.

On Friday my mom and I went out to Quilter's Harvest where she treated me to a nice pile of fat quarters! Hooray!! They're gorgeous... and I really would like to make a quilt for the new baby. I also got a yard of mulin and two more fat quarters (very pretty light blue) to make a rag doll for Anja. I've actually got the doll almost finished, I just have to sew on one leg. Well, then I have to do the hair and face. It's the dress I'm more nervous about though. I've never been especially great at making clothes.

After the fun at the quilt store (Anja loved it too) we took a little country drive out to Warren County to look at some farms. Woooo! My uncle has a little bit of land out there that I totally covet, and we looked at another specific place, but just being out there was so much fun. Plus, it was fun to go out with my mom while Anja slept (the entire time.) We even listened to Bill Staines the whole time, which definitely sets the mood for some good country farmland viewing.

I wish Martin had more free time. He'd like to go hunting and I'd like him to shoot us some meat. I would love to make rabbit stew sometime. Sadly, there never seems to be any time for that.

Speaking of my mom, I just talked to her on the phone and she said if I came up there she'd feed me steak. Ha! Who could pass up a deal like that? It's about time for Anja Pie to wake up anyway.


Anne said...

Annie - Can you post your recipe for beef vegetable soup on the cooking blog? I've never made soup from scratch before, and I'd really like to!!

Anna said...

Zita: I want the pumpkins to have faces. . . .

Anna: Hey I know the spot you are talking about Annie, I've seen it too. Just fyi, I have about three letters I meant to mail to you but never got posted mostly because the Italian postoffice is a nightmare of epic proportions involving really crappy old people. I did manage to mail Anja's b-day present though in a box of Mary's DVDs. So she should get it to you soon.

Also, when you read something you wrote months ago it always looks lame but I have been thinking of you and will get a letter out soon. So exited about the new one.. . . . . . all our love! Anna

LauraSuz said...

I agree with Anne about posting it! I read half this post last night and finished reading the rest this morning and I thought last night I'm going to call you tomorrow for the recipe.

I have stew meat all ready for this week, now I just need a good recipe for it.