Friday, October 17, 2008

The Frost Is On the Pumpkin

Many Moons ago I took a trip to my brother and sister-in-law's house and while I was there I used Anna's Rosemary-Mint conditioner on my hair. It was amazing stuff. Not only did it smell incredible, but it also left my hair the softest it's ever been. Last night when Martin got home from Wisconsin, he unpacked all the shampoos, soaps and lotions he'd brought home from the hotel for me, and I was ultra delighted to see that IT WAS THAT SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER!!!! It's actually a different brand... The brand he brought home from the hotel is Aveda, but the brand Anna had was Amenta and I think that was all-natural. Nevertheless, they smell exactly the same. When I put the conditioner in my hair this morning I was taken back in time. It was wonderful!!!

Anja didn't sleep well last night and I think it's because she was cold. I didn't realize how cold it was going to get in the night. She would wake up fussing a lot and as soon as I snuggled her she'd fall right back asleep. Looking back, I should have invited her into my bed, but I didn't really even think of it until morning. I hadn't put very warm jammies on her and now I feel really bad about it, but I'll know better for tonight. She did have quilts, but she's not very good about keeping them on. She kind of slithers out from underneath them. Oh well--tonight she'll wear fleece jammies and will be much more comfortable.

For breakfast I thought Anja and I would have oatmeal together. WRONG! Boy. She hated it. Not so much the taste, but the stickiness of the stuff really freaked her out. It was hilarious! I think I might try Cream of Wheat because I don't think it's as sticky as oatmeal. Now I have two tubs of oatmeal (I bought the second one forgetting I already had the first) and no one to eat any of it. I guess I'll just have to make oatmeal cookies! She's taking a nice morning nap now so I made myself some toast, and my curly-headed husband was nice enough to make me a 4-cup pot of coffee this morning before he left for work so I got to enjoy that too! Yay!

I still have farm life heavily on my mind these days. It's the weather and the leaves that's doing it. Not that I haven't always wanted to live on a farm... but for some reason the desire is REEAALLLLY strong these days. Anja and I went for a nice drive this morning and I drove down North River Road, which is absolutely gorgeous at this time of year. There isn't much traffic at 9:30 in the morning so you can go slowly and look at all the houses hidden in the trees along the river. There was one I noticed for the first time this morning that I would definitely live in. it's a wood sided little house with a red door and a nice big porch and a barnish looking garage. It's got all this woodsy yard around it and is right on the river! Of course, I wouldn't really want to live right on North River Road... but still. It's a really great looking little spot.

After I posted yesterday about going to Quilters Harvest, my mom called me and said she'd been having the exact same craving!!!! So she and I are going out there today when she is done at drug--I mean, cardiac--rehab and Anja has woken up from her nap. I'm so excited!!! I don't even know if I'll get anything because there's nothing specific I want (or have time, if we're being honest) to make, but just being there will probably be enough to satisfy my craving. It's been too long! I really need to finish the quilt I've been working on for the past two years. I might give in and sew the pieces together by machine. I know, this is completely against my principle, but I'm afraid I just don't have the time anymore to piece a quilt by hand. Bummer, I know. But I'll still be able to quilt it by hand because that's as easy as knitting to put down and pick up as needed.

My awful dog is being incredibly good right now. The neighbor kids are out and she's just watching them in the window, not even asking to go out. It's lovely.

Mike Prangley had the most adorable kitten picture on his blog this morning!!!!!

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Anne said...

Hey I was thinking about making oatmeal cookies too! Except I still haven't mastered baking cookies in this stupid new-to-me-but-very-old-gas-oven.

I like your post title!