Saturday, October 25, 2008


I'm totally loving this weekend so far and we haven't even done anything. Anja decided to wake up at 6:00 (ugh) so Martin got up with her for a half hour, then we switched for another half hour so he could get a little nap. She's been having rough nights lately, and I'm always amazed that she can wake up feeling so happy and energized when I KNOW she didn't sleep well the night before, because I was awake with her the whole night, and I feel like the walking dead!!!! Oh well, I guess I shouldn't complain about having a happy little girl.

The plan was to walk down to the Farmers Market to get a pumpkin, but we only got down the block before Anja made it perfectly known that she was not digging the walk. So we decided it would be a convenient time to do the small bit of grocery shopping we needed to do and we'd just pick up a pumpkin at the store. On the way to the store we saw an intriguing sight that advertised a "LARGE-INTERESTING GARAGE SALE." And more than being an interesting garage sale was the fact that we recognized the address as Mrs. Presti's house! We couldn't pass it up. It must've been a multi-family sale because they had little girl clothes there and she never had any little girls. Another thing they had, hanging from a clothes line by one ear was a really adorable teddy bear. I mean, the kind of teddy bear that is illustrated in all childrens books. The one every child should have. THE PERFECT TEDDY BEAR. I was secretly coveting it, but I didn't say anything because we hadn't brought any cash with us. (Quick fact: Mrs. Presti is the mother of our friend Joel, who is Martin's best friend, [although he was my friend before he was Martin's,] and the Best Man at our wedding. His mom is currently moving houses so she won't be our neighbor anymore, which is sad.) Another thing we wanted to do was buy something of Joel's and wrap it up and give it to him for Christmas. We thought that'd be funny. So on our way out, we mentioned that to his mom and she laughed, and then pointed to the teddy bear and said that had been his. !!! And then she GAVE it to us!! We are not giving it back to him for Christmas, obviously, because Anja immediately fell madly in love with it and now she not only has the perfect teddy bear, but it was also the bear that belonged to her wonderful Uncle Joel. How special!

Then we went to Target where Anja brought in her teddy bear and we got the few things we needed and a pumpkin and Anja made friends with everyone she saw. She is much more social than either of her parents. It's kind of strange.

Anja fell asleep on the way home and since then we've kind of been lazing around. I made a cranberry-apple-mandarin orange salad/relish sort of thing... it might be totally gross, but I'm taking it to the Schap party tonight anyway. I'm really excited for the party, although it starts in 4 hours and I still haven't put our costumes together. Umm.... whoops.

I'm glad we had the week without our furnace. It has really made me appreciate the little action of walking into the house from the cold and feeling the warmth of the house. Also, our bedroom is now the best place in the house. It is very cave like and cozy with it's low attic ceilings, mattresses on the floor piled with old quilts, and little space heater warming the place up. I love our room. I always love our room, but it's especially great in the winter.

When we dug the heater out to start using it again this year, I couldn't help noticing the little white spots it had all over the top. Then I remembered what they were. Last year, we had our room set up differently, with two dressers side by side and a chair right between them. The heater was right beside the chair, and that was where I nursed Anja at night when she was brand new. So all those white spots came from my overflowing milk supply that was completely uncontrollable for the first 5 months of Anja's life!! Hahaha! I'd forgotten how funny that always was. When I think back to last winter I get happy. It was a cozy winter, even though Anja spent all of her waking time screaming her head off. She was so tiny and had all those cozy fleece sleepers and her pretty little bassinette. *sigh* If I hadn't already caught it during the summer, I'd totally be catching the Baby Bug now! I hope that's not a sign that I'm going to have a thousand children all under the age of ten.... Yikes!


Maryanne said...

Your last paragraph about the milk made me laugh. And I totally understand what it is like to have a child who is awake ALL NIGHT LONG, yet is unbelievably happy all day long. My son was like this until he was two years old. I used to only get about two hours of sleep each night. He got the same amount of sleep as me, yet he was always so full of energy and in a great mood. He has been sleeping through the night for almost a year now. Hopefully Anja will do the same for you sometime soon!

Annie said...

Thanks Maryanne, you don't know how encouraging that is! Sometimes it seems like she'll never even be close to sleeping through the night. *sigh*