Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My Barfday!

Well, I had another lovely birthday. And now I'm 25! I felt no sort of emotion or regret yesterday, so maybe when I'm 30 I will. We'll just have to wait and see!

In the morning I was invited down to K.Dee's for a "special birthday special" from Kim and Jerry. On the House, I got a bagel with cream cheese on the side (the cup of cream cheese had a birthday candle in it and they even turned out the lights!) and a hot chocolate. A great way to start the day, especially since Anja was so happy also. Our birthday breakfast made us late for rosary group though, whoops! My day was pretty good. Anja napped well, I got some laundry done and Martin got home from his local-ish travels early in the afternoon!! Anja was SO excited to see him. I sometimes wonder how many irregularities she picks up on. I mean, she does have a pretty solid daily routine, and I wonder if yesterday she could sense that it was weird for her daddy to be coming home from work at 2:30 in the afternoon instead of at dinnertime. I wish I had a camera to her brain! Anyway, that was fun to have him home and we got to have a nice afternoon before going out to dinner together at Roberts Americus. Yum yum! We both got catfish and Anja had a baked potato (but she liked my cottage cheese best of all!) After dinner we went to Borders where Martino bought my birthday present. He knew what he was getting me but hadn't had a chance to go out and get it. Turns out, he had in mind a "Bad Kitties" calendar, filled with hilarious pictures of kittens eating things. I love it! Also he got me the Punch Brothers CD, which is the band of Chris Thile, who used to be the mandolin player for Nickel Creek before they broke up. Hooray! I can't wait to listen to it! I'm planning to make some banana bread this afternoon, so I'll put it on while I'm doing that.

From Borders we walked over to the Silver Dipper and met up with friends and family for a little ice cream birthday party. Very fun! And everyone brought me presents!! I totally wasn't expecting that. Most Thoughtful Gift goes to both my mom and Mrs. Schap for equally thoughtful gift certificates: one for Von's and one for River Knits. My two favorite places EVER!!!!!!!!! I am so excited. Also my mom got me a pair of gorgeous wooden knitting needles and Mrs. Schap got me a book of Robert Frost poems without knowing that Martin had given me the same book of Robert Frost poems a few years ago for Valentine's Day when we were dating. Whoops! She said she'd return it and gave me money to buy myself a book. This is good because I also have my Borders Rewards birthday coupon, so it looks like Anja will be making a trip over to Borders sometime this week!

So that was yesterday. Today Martin is around the Kokomo area and will be stopped by at home before going to Muncie for the next two nights. It's been good to have him home for these two nights! Next week he goes to Wisconsin, then to Evansville the week after that, and that's pretty much the end of the travel season. Yay!


Anne said...

I'm guessing that since Anja was enjoying cottage cheese she doesn't have an dairy allergies after all? That's great! We are slowly learning to cook around it...

And yay for gift cards! I absolutely love getting gift cards or gifts from some place that I would never spend our regular money. One of my favorites is treats from Bath and Body Works.

Anonymous said...

Um. Ha, ha. I totally forgot Rosary until you mentioned it in your post. Oopies. I am so going to Hell.


Joannie said...

I didn't know Nickel Creek broke up. Hm! I'm a little slow.
Did I tell you I'm going to go see Chris Thile at the end of this month? It's not all the Punch Brothers (I just went over to their site to see) but just Chris and a bassist.
Hey, reading the Punch Brothers website just now I found out two things, one great and one stinky.
Great: the guitarist's dad is a member of Seldom Scene, this random VA bluegrass band that Jill introduced me to and I was pretty sure no one had heard of outside of the Commonwealth.
Stinky: Chris Thile is playing a Obama benefit concert on Friday. Barf.

Ooh, they have a music player on their website. Off to check it out...

Caitie said...

Happy Birthday!!! :) Glad you had a nice day!

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday, Annie! It sounds like it was a great one.

For cats, try this site: www.icanhascheezburger.com (I have no clue how to make a hyperlink). I laugh my rear off every day at those things.

Clare said...

Happy belated birthday!! I made some banana bread in your honor... and it was good. :)