Thursday, October 16, 2008

Quickly, Quickly!

Just a quick post between naptime activities. Do any of you read the blogs and kind of wish that you had everyone else's life instead of your own? Not that I don't adore my life... but sometimes the blog posts are so nice that I wish I lived in the life of that blogger.

It's finally cooled off here! I love it. This morning I got a cup of coffee from McDonald's (I only know how to make a 12-cup pot at home) and poured it into my own mug once I got home. While I was enjoying it and watching Anja play, my mother-in-law called me and invited me out to breakfast. She's on Fall Break today and tomorrow, and because of her schedule the only break in the day she gets when she'd be able to see Anja is right during Anja's nap. So today worked out really well! We went to breakfast, then popped by Jo-Ann Fabrics just to poke around. I was coveting so much and just being there made me crave a trip to Quilter's Harvest. Then reading Clare's blog made me even MORE want to do some crafting, not to mention the fact that I'd cleaned out my magazine basket yesterday and found a bunch of Country Living magazines from last fall and have been looking through those coming up with all sorts of great fall crafts to do.

*sigh* Maybe someday I'll have lots of free time. Martin gets home on Thursdays though so I usually spend them cleaning the house all day--today I cleaned the whole bathroom and put up a new shower curtain!

Oh weird.. my mom's at the door.


Anne said...

So funny you should mention that Annie because I often found myself wanting to live a life like yours when reading your blog, especially back in LJ days. You just seem to know how to keep everyday life exciting!

I'm sure everyone does feel that way about some of the blogs they read. That's part of the fun, I think. Just like how sometimes I want to be a character in a book I'm reading!!

j'aime said...

yes i feel that way! but i also just like knowing what is going on in your wonderful life . . . if you can remember back to when you and "perkins" stayed with us at christendom . . .

j'aime said...
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Clare said...

I think it would be nice to take a stroll through Lafeyette with you and Anja and get some coffee at Vienna. :) I always envy your small town walks. And today I envy your trip to Joann's. *sigh* I am so glad I am so inspiring! I am just addicted to crafting!! Nick rolls his eyes now at the crazy things I come up with.

Don't worry about the soaps. I have a lovely Lavendery soap that is keeping me completely satisfied at the moment.

Annie said...

Ah, the LJ days. I sure did have an exciting life back then! And I know exactly what you mean about wanting to be a character in a book--I guess the blogs are a little bit the same thing!

OF COURSE I remember that! Hahaha! And you're right, I do have a wonderful life. You should leave comments more often! I didn't even know you read my blog!

Someday you'll make it to Lafayette and we'll do just that! I sent your soaps yesterday so they should be there in 2-3 days.