Saturday, October 11, 2008

Saturday, Faturday

I know I'm pregnant. I know I am, but I just can't get my mind around it yet, and so I just feel fat. I feel like my pants don't fit, not because there is a little beanie-schapini hiding beneath my waistline, but because I drink too many cherry cokes and eat too many desserts. And every time I put on my four-sizes-bigger-than-normal pants with my husband's belt (for decoration only--don't worry, my jeans have no problem staying up these days) I kind of want to cry. What I need to do every time I get dressed is follow it up immediately by going to the fridge and looking at the fun little 3D picture of Greta or Fran that is pinned up there. But I never remember to do that, of course, so in the end, I just feel fat.

Today has been a busy day! We spent the whole first half of it (more than half, really) decluttering our lives. We made a Goodwill box and a Trash bag, and we really did a good job. We found unused wedding presents, old pictures, and stacks of books that don't belong to us that have made it through two moves and still remained in boxes. I was forced to give up my sentimental attachments to stupid things (I mean really stupid things--like ballpoint pens) and toss a lot of stuff. It felt good! And now our house is on its way to being a lot more organized and clean.

We worked on that until Anja woke up from her nap, then we hit up confessions at St. Ann's, followed by going out to coffee with our friend Matt. This was an interesting time because while we were there that fun little family who used to own the Scoops ice cream shop around the corner from Vienna came in. We never went to that ice cream shop, but I've often admired the little family. The wife is VERY pretty and they have this little girl named Safia. Except now they have another baby who is a boy. Anyway, we hadn't seen them around in ages and ages so now Safia is two years old! She was very intersted in Anja and we were finally able to introduce ourselves to the couple. I didn't tell them that I was kind of obsessed with them the whole time I was pregnant and that Safia was one of the reasons I hoped Anja was a little girl. Haha, they might be a little freaked out to learn that. I mean, I'm not a stalker or anything--I just found them intriguing.

By the time we got done hanging out with Matt at Vienna it was 6:00 and I hadn't yet thawed the chicken I intended to cook for dinner, nor had I gotten the green beans on the stove early in the afternoon like I'd hoped to do. Anja was getting crabby for only having one nap, so we gave in and used Martin's giftcard for Logan's Roadhouse that he got for his birthday. It ended up being a pretty nice little date. Anja was happy to eat off our plates and I always do enjoy a good steak. When we got home and Anja was in bed, our friend Joel came over and we visited for a little while. Not too long... he had to drive back to Ohio the next day.

**** Okay, at this point, I'm on my third attempt at trying to get this post finished and published. I started it Saturday afternoon and now it's Sunday evening, and it's DEFINITELY not worth all the trouble I've gone to so far, so I think I'll just post it and be done!


Sarah said...

I think Safia is an adorable name!! Maybe if your loser sister could find the preggo clothes, you wouldn't feel so fat. Sorry!!!

Annie said...

Yeah, no kidding! Soon I'll have to go around wrapped up in my bedsheets!