Monday, October 27, 2008


Umm... I just ate a five-egg Italian Omlette made with green peppers, onions, tomatoes, basil, oregano and shredded parmesan cheese. I called it an omlette because that's what it was supposed to be, even though I kind of overdid it on the veggies and underdid it on the eggs, so it turned out to be kind of a heap of scrambled egg and vegetables. Still though, it was delicious. And the only thing I've eaten today other than chocolate chip cookies....

Last night Martin and Anja and I took one of our Starbucks gift cards and had a very entertaining date. We went to the Levee one, which we find the most cozy (as cozy as a Starbucks can be) because there's that table tucked back by the window where you can sit and pretend you're not really in a Starbucks, and Anja can play on the floor to her heart's content and not be able to escape. However, when we drove by, we saw that there was a couple sitting at our favorite table--a couple who looked suspiciously like Elisabeth and John! We had it all planned out to go in and either kick them out of our spot, or join them. Sadly though, we went in and saw that it wasn't them, and in fact from the front, these people didn't look ANYTHING like them. Haha, oh well. So we sat at one of the other tables. While I was waiting for my hot chocolate up at the counter and Martin was hanging out with Anja back at our table, this couple came in. I didn't recognize these people, but they went right up to Martin and Anja and started talking to them with such excitement that I was sure Martin used to work with one of them. Ha! I was wrong! He had no idea who they were either, they just evidently REALLY LOVE BABIES. They sat by us and talked to Anja and played with her the whole time. They really got a kick out of her tongue trick. It was kind of bizarre, but really sweet.

Speaking of Anja. My daughter. The one I've fed and nourished and loved for the past almost-one-year. Remember how I labored all day and then finally let myself be cut open in order to allow her passage into this world? Well. She now says both "quack quack" AND "kitty." Does she say "Mama"? Not even close. She doesn't even attempt! When I ask her to say "Mama" she laughs at me!!! SHE SAYS "KITTY" BEFORE SHE SAYS "MAMA"!!!!! What kind of ungrateful daughter is she?!?!

Haha, just kidding. I mean, I'm not kidding--she really does say Kitty (although it sounds more like a really pflegmy "kiki") and doesn't say Mama. Or Dada. She just goes around quacking and sticking out her tongue, and chasing down the cat and saying "kiki" very happily when she catches him. But I am kidding about being upset about it. I don't really care... in fact I think it's really cute. And I like it that Theodore puts up with her so patiently.

This morning Anja and I took a little trip to Vienna for a free Double Vanilla Chai with a full punch card I've been saving. I decided to treat myself since it's such a cozy, cold day. A Shabby Green Sweater day, in fact! I put it on for the weather and didn't remember that people might actually come by for Rosary Group. When I got home from Vienna, Maryanne and her kidders were walking up my porch steps! They came in for awhile and we visited. We didn't say a rosary (oops) but we did have a nice time chatting, and her kids are great and Anja was surprisingly quiet, yet playful with the big kids. Her first two kids are the same age difference as Anja and our new dinosaur will be.

Martin is in Indy today and tomorrow for a conference sort of thing with some other work people. He'll be stopping by home tomorrow night before heading up to the Fort Wayne area for his last school visits of the travel season! Hooray!

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