Saturday, January 5, 2008

And Now We Are Seven!

Here is the newest member of the Hatke side of our family! Weighing 7lbs 3(?)oz, she was born around 6:00 this morning (January 5,) sharing a birthday with Mr. Denver, Aunt Josepha, Cousin Trevor, among others I can't now remember. A popular day! I'm not just teasing you by not posting her name--she, as of yet, doesn't have one before Hatke. But she is a doll, and she looks JUST like her big sister Zita! I got to hold her... but of course she cried. I am cursed. Babies hate me. I can't wait to find out what they decide on for a name... I'm voting for Natalina, but Martin likes Lucy Noel. Also in the running is Julia. We shall see!
Oh yeah... in case you don't know whose baby this is, belongs to my brother Ben and his wife Anna.

So now our family has FIVE GIRLS. And two lonely boys. If my sister Sarah has a girl in March/April, these three new ones will be quite the trio. I hope they like each other. It'd be kind of sad if they were all the same age and weren't friends.

I made stirfry tonight and it didn't turn out as yummy as the last time I made it. For our wedding we were given a wok from Mrs. & Suzanne Spencer, and we love it. The only problem I can find with it is that it's huge--much huger than any of my cabinets! But tonight's was okay. Last night we spur of the moment decided to go up to the Klein Brot Haus for dinner! That was fun... Steve and Angela weren't there but Jerry was, and he was happy to see us, exclaiming when we came in the door: "Let me see mah bay-bayee!" Hee hee hee... I love Jerry.

I have re-fallen in love with Bill Staines, just for the record. And John McCutcheon.

Here is our new and improved baby girl. This is the beginning of a much bigger smile for her daddy. She smiles all the time now! And the really great news: I drank coffee this morning!! And NO SCREAMING!!! What a fabulous thing. So even if I can't have mochas and chais, at least I can have regular coffee. Doesn't she look like such a red-head in this picture? She doesn't look like so much of one in person, I don't think... but it'll be interesting to see. Her eyes are still blue. When did other people's babies eyes change? Sarah's babies are practically born with black eyes... well except for PX whose got greenish ones. His stayed blue for a long time though, didn't they? Okay, now I'm just basically "talking" to myself on my blog....
We went up to my parents' house today (also spur of the moment) after visiting with our new neice, and had a really fun time. It's always funny to hang out with my parents when no one else is there. The conversation seems a little different than it is when all of us are together. And they had these delicious gingerbread cookies!
I'm going to make another post in a minute of just pictures... one of them featuring my new blue kettlebell!!

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LauraSuz said...

YAY! A new baby! Congrats to the whole family.