Saturday, January 26, 2008

From the Desk of Mr. M.E.Schap

Well what a funny day we've had. Martin had to come to work to do some of his usual calls, so Anja and I came with him! On the way out of town we stopped by Vienna for a quick muffin breakfast, where the nicest girl was working, but Anja still didn't give her a smile. Too bad. Then it was off to Crawfordsville! While Martin was at his office Anja and I went to that HUGE antique store down the street, and then walked down to what was Campbell's for a cup of ROOIBOS tea. So nice. We sat in a comfy chair and she was very happy. Then we met back up with Martino and he took us to Uncle Smiley's for dinner. It was here that our daughter was kidnapped by strangers. Not really. She was getting a little bit fussy (as soon as our foods came) and this woman says, "Let a GREAT grandma hold her while you eat!" and since my mom told me I should just let all the well-meaning grandparents have their way, I handed Anja over to this really nice and pleasantly plump grandma and her nice grandpa husband, who was really the one Anja liked. They were such nice people! They held Anja and kept her happy until we had finished our dinner, then Martin bought them their pie for dessert. Isn't that nice?

Martin and I really like pie. It's much better to like pie rather than cake because you can't always get cake and coffee when you go places, but you can always find someplace that has pie.

Speaking of coffee and pie, as soon as Anja is finished with this milk protein allergy, I am sitting myself down and having a big cup of coffee and a piece of chocolate pie. I CAN'T WAIT.

This is my penguin neice, Angelica, sporting her new glasses!!! SOOOOO CUTE!!!!
That's all!!!!


Anne said...

I love that last picture of Anja!! She is so adorable. I love round-headed babies.

Annie said...

Yes, I consider round-headedness another c-section perk! (although hers isn't really so round... it kind of points toward the back!)

Caitie B said...

i award you with the "cutest pics on a post" award! haha super cute! those last two: pricelesssss!

mrsw said...

Joan called from London. She got there safe and sound. Hopefully she will be on her blog soon!