Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Going Back to Purex

Okay. So my sister raves on and on about this All Free & Clear laundry detergent and how it's so great because it has no added colors or scents. I wonder if that's why my clothes don't get clean and still smell like spitup even when I put them on fresh out of the dryer? It's gross. Every one of my shirts is now stained and they carry with them a permanent smell of sour milk. Talk about gross! I'm going back to Purex and I don't care how artificial the colors and scents are, at least I won't smell like a burp rag anymore. I didn't even buy the stuff because my sister told me to. I bought it because they were out of All Baby at the store and the Free & Clear was double the amount for the same price. (They're obviously doing all they can to make the stuff sell.) Well next time they're out of the cheap baby detergent I'll just spend the money on Dreft. One time when I did a load of Anja's clothes, a onesie came out WITH THE POOP STILL ON IT. It was so gross. So I'm never buying that stuff again. I think it's just water with some corn starch mixed in to thicken it.

I was sick today. Well, actually I was sick last night. I don't mean to make this entire post a big blame party pointed at my sister, but I do think she is the culprit. And I think that's why Anja was throwing up and sleeping so much on Monday. Yesterday evening TusaRebecca came down with it and then later that night I did! Lucky for me (and evidently Anja has gotten my good genes for this) stomach bugs never last the advertised 24 hours. I just throw up a lot for a few hours and then I feel great. Well, not fabulous... I mean, I still feel that achey day-after-being-sick way, but it doesn't completely knock me down like it does some people. Also last night Anja decided to stay wide awake until sometime after 1:00 in the morning, and since I was sick, Martin stayed up with her. He stayed home from work for the morning and we all slept in together (including Theodore, who late in the morning joined us in bed and curled up right at the top of Anja's head!) Tonight he'll stay at work until 9:00.

The change in Anja's disposition since her baptism absolutely amazes me. All she does anymore is smile. It's like she's finally become a baby. And I noticed today that her ears look exactly like mine. I can't wait to take her places in the springtime in our awesome Ergo carrier and show her off to everyone. She has a really cute sunhat to wear on sunny days, too.

I'm also really, really glad that she is a girl. I was hoping for a girl the whole time I was pregnant, but now that she's here I'm SOOO glad she is a girl. Not that I have anything against boys... but to go through Target and see all those little pink things...!!!! I love it! She is so cute. Seriously, she's sitting here next to me just smiling at me and making cute little baby noises. What a change this is!

I'm going to put pictures on the computer sometime tonight... I'll post them when I do.


Anonymous said...

I TOLD you Baptism would make all the difference! I'll bet you get the next one baptized on the way home from the hospital!!!

LauraSuz said...

I'm glad Anya is so happy now. Baby smiles are the best.

Sarah said...

Sheesh. Sorry you have such a rotten sister.